The Best Game of Thrones Spoofs

4:22 am in Movies & TV by Jason Baskey

The medieval surprise hit Game of Thrones is HBO’s most popular show since The Sopranos. With crossover appeal that covers romance, family and relationship drama, power stuggles, medieval warfare, magical fantasy stuff and lots of gratuitous nudity, Game of Thrones has made hardcore fans out of millions of people. And a quick look around the internet just proves how crazy some of the fans are. Season 3 doesn’t start until next Spring, so in the meantime, enjoy the best spoofs and tributes the web has to offer!

The Simpsons Does a “Game of Thrones” Opening

Jaime Lannister and Ned Stark Fight with Lightsabres

SNL’s Behind the Scenes Look

“Game of Friends” – (90′s sitcom opening)

Guy Does Amazing Cast Impressions