Old Spice Knows Viral

5:14 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Old Spice is back with a new viral ad that is already well on its way to dominating the talk of every social network out there. Spokesman, Terry Crews is a one-man band and plays a soothing melody, promoting Old Spice’s Danger Zone. Make sure you go to Vimeo and turn the HTML5 player on for an amazing interactive experience! This is the latest in a line of ads that have dominated the viral world for the last couple years. It’s safe to say that whoever is coming up with these, “gets it”.
Here’s a look back at some of Old Spice’s greatest hits (that have amassed over 50 Million views!).

A collection of Terry Crews’ “unique” Odor Blocker spots.

Old Spice gets motivational.

Short-lived spokesman, Fabio had some great bits.

Terry Crews returns to mess up a Bounce commercial!

The “new” Old Spice Guy. Not as popular as…

The original Old Spice Guy! 43,000,000 people can’t be wrong…