Holograms Coming to The X Factor

3:22 pm in Movies & TV by Jason Baskey

After the massively positive reception and buzz that followed 2Pac’s hologram appearance at this year’s Coachella, you just knew you were going to see more holo-performances in the future by artists who are no longer with us. Celine Dion got on the trend, right away by singing a duet with a hologram of Stevie Wonder (who is still alive, by the way) in her Vegas show. Next up? The X Factor. An insider claims that those who work on the show are still looking for ways in which it can improve and that its boss, Richard Holloway, was inspired by Dion’s performance.

“The X Factor has to keep getting better so they are looking at holograms as a way of creating a splash,” they said, before adding:
“Imagine Elvis or Amy Winehouse at the grand final. It would be incredible TV and an amazing experience for contestants. The technology’s there and has been used on several big stages. The X Factor final is perfect for something like this.”

I hope these kids are prepared to get upstaged by a projection.