Hollywood Turns Japanese

3:04 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Japanese television is either from decades in the future or some whole other dimension. There’s nothing even close to it on Western airwaves. And Japanese commercials are in a total league of their own. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’re even selling. And they love to feature Hollywood actors to sell their…whatever. Celebs are paid millions of dollars to appear in these ads. Hey, for a few million, I’d happily have a conversation with a dog or head-butt a robot. See for yourself…

Quentin Tarantino sells dog-shaped cell phone speakers.

Schwarzenegger kicks ass for an energy drink.

Miranda Kerr sings about Lipton Lemon Tea.

Nicolas Cage dances with and head-butts robots for…I don’t know.

Ben Stiller and some cheerleaders love Kirin beer.

Brad Pitt and his sumo buddy for Soft Bank.

Sylvester Stallone loves this bag o’ wieners!