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Pink Party 2013 Photos

2:09 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Thank you to all TRF members who came out to celebrate and raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. TRF is a proud sponsor of the Pink Party we had a blast as always at Paul Etherington‘s event. Elisha Cuthbert hosted and The Sam Roberts Band rocked the house. Check out the photos, video [...]

TRF Halloween with Oxford Beach

12:46 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Thanks to all the members who came out and celebrated Halloween with us and our friends at Oxford Beach. As always the Oxford team put on an amazing event and here are a few of our favourite costumes. Video coming soon!

TRF @ The Tragically Hip

5:06 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

TRF was rolling deep at the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project Tragically Hip concert at Sound Academy. Thanks to all our members who did some good and got some awesome! Molson hooked them up big with Friends and Family access and of course, a few cold Canadians! #RedLeafProject

TIFF Glitz & Glamour Photos

2:08 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Thank you to all the TRF members who came out to the TIFF Glitz and Glamour Pink Party! We had an amazing night, thanks to our good friends at Etherington Generations and Oxford Beach. Best of all, we had a blast for an amazing cause: The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Enjoy TIFF!

Also check out the


Melissa Smich


Katrina LeBlanc & the Canadian Olympic Women’s Soccer Team


Katrina LeBlanc


Jennifer Love

Frances Ballard, Justin Mulligan and

David LeCourt

Lennox Liverpool and tennis star, Daniel Nestor
Grayson Miller and

Lennox Liverpool

Lennox Liverpool

Jennifer Leigh Moore
Comedian and star of “Mr. D.”, Gerry Dee

Mike Semira

Carol Zara

Christine Harnden
Tennis star, Milos Raonic and

Paul Etherington
Mike Coletta, Adam Ouimet and

David LeCourt

Tonia Hammer and

Kristy Pinder

Cabral “Cabbie” Richards
Lifestyle bloggers, Lauren O’Neil and Casie Stewart
Lennox Liverpool and


Adam James

Pavlyn Boutique’s Anna Petrov and Maria Litvintseva

Red Bull Solstice

12:31 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

On June 20th, the longest day of the year, our friends at

Red Bull dared the party people of Toronto to “Outlast the Day and Seize the Night” with their Solstice party at CUBE. And of course, Red Bull invited TRF members to the festivities. We partied among tribal dancers and golden goddesses until the sun finally went down.

Lizbeth Lagunas and

Kristina Belakovsky

Misha Tajzler

Jägermeister’s Boneyard BBQ

1:39 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

On June 15th, our friends at Jägermeister threw NXNE’s coolest party in a parking lot at Spadina and College Streets in Toronto. Jäger hooked up our members with VIP passes to this invite-only industry party. The Boneyard BBQ was a classic Jäger party with ice cold shots, hot rods, ink-covered skin, and as much BBQ as you could eat.

Mike Semira, Tiffany Strobel and

Fraser MacLachlan

Daniel Griesi and Andrei Gourianov

Live Fast, Die Young #4 – Pics

12:57 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

They did it again! Last Friday, TRF Platinum Club members, Cabbie and

Mully lit up Club V with the 4th instalment of their legendary Live Fast, Die Young party series. And of course, TRF was in the house (with free cover, of course)!

Cabbie +


Scott + the Team LTD crew

TRF @ Molson Canadian Hockey House

1:30 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

Molson Canadian came through big time for our lucky winner, Tiffany Strobel and her friends. (Too bad the Kings didn’t come through as big). They kept the beers flowing and the food coming as Molson picked up the tab for our members at the best place to watch the game outside of the arena, the Molson Canadian Hockey House at Real Sports Bar & Grill. And on top of all that, our members’ night was capped off by a visit from former Leafs captain, Wendel Clark!

Heineken UEFA Experience – Pics

1:52 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

This past Saturday an epic battle between UEFA rivals Chelsea and Bayern Munich had soccer fans around the world on the edge of their seats until the final shootout. And the best place to watch the game was the Heineken UEFA Experience at the Carlu in Toronto. TRF members Sacha, Brielle, Jessica, Kristen, Daniel, Jemer, Cheryl, Andre and Fadi were there to catch all the action and got the royal treatment from Heineken!

Our boy, Lennox hosted an episode of TRF TV and

Cam “Scammer” MacNeil held it down behind the decks.

Video coming soon!

Jemer and




Cam “Scammer” MacNeil


Brielle and crew

Daniel and


Cheryl and Andre

Coors Light Iced T Launch – Pics

3:29 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Thanks to all those who came we had a blast and hope you did too. Stay tuned for our TRF TV episode coming soon. Thanks to the great people at Coors Light for making it all happen. Grab a case of Coors Light Iced T for the long weekend!

Thanks to all of you who tweeted and shared on Facebook. It is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to helping keep the benefits coming!

Motionball Toronto Gala

10:08 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Motionball, was an incredible event and a huge success. Thanks to Paul Etherington (Motionball Founder) and Tonia Hammer (Molson national sponsor of Motionball). There were a bunch of TRF members there for the ride. Our TRF TV episode is coming soon.

TRF @ LFDY The Sequel

2:17 pm in TRF Event Pics by Adam James

TRF Platinum Members Cabbie, Evan and Justin will live to see another day. Their highly anticipated party, Live Fast, Die Young: The Sequel totally delivered. Stay tuned for the official video on TRF TV. Well done, boys!

Shout out to members Kim, Adam, Andrea, Amy, Cam, Marco, John David, Chris, Frances, Madison, Samantha, Michael, Marissa, Jacky and

Kristen for attending and of course, keepin’ it royal!


Cabbie and



Andrea and



Kristen and her ladies



Fadi and their crew



Evan, Cabbie and Justin

TRF Does NYE at the Thompson

5:04 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

Thanks again to our friends at the Thompson Hotel for ringing in 2012 in unforgettable style with TRF members, Anu, Marissa, Michael, Sarah and Samantha getting free VIP access! We also spotted members, Christina and Daniella in the crowd. Check out some photos, courtesy of the amazing people at

Pulp + Fiber.

Sarah &


Marissa, Michael &




TRF at the World Juniors

3:04 pm in TRF Event Pics by Adam James

The Canadians are dominating at the World Junior Hockey Championship in Alberta and TRF has been there for every single goal (and there has been a lot).
Our very own Cam MacNeil (AKA DJ Scammertime) has been holding it down on the 1s and 2s at the Molson Canadian Hockey House all week. Check out some pics of the action and if you’re in the Edmonton area, get down to the best party in town!

Film.Fashion.F1 @ The Thompson

2:29 pm in TRF Event Pics by Jason Baskey

Fuelled by Toronto-based marketing agency P+F and F1 sponsorship marketing agency ViaGP, this season’s Film.Fashion.F1 delivered an unforgettable evening of decadence in Toronto’s most luxurious atmosphere, The Thompson Hotel, during Toronto’s Fashion Week.

Photos courtesy of: Pulp & Fiber

TRF Members do Halloween Right

11:30 am in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Looks like online pop culture stole the show this year for Halloween. There were two costumes that really stood out for me from our members. The first was Lindsay and Erica‘s who I think wins the award for most creative and relevant. They may also show up on Ellen with Nicki Minaj to really steal the show from the little girls across the pond. Our boys Adam and Justin also never disappoint with their take on always changing Google logo. Finally weekend at Bernie’s had to make the cut since it must have taken the most work and been the hardest to stay in character of them all.

Well done team!

TRF Members go VIP to LG Fashion Week

11:45 am in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

LG once again delivered big and brought 4 of our members to LG Fashion Week VIP style. Lennox hosted platinum member

Elle and her girls to another amazing night and caught up with his friend Jay Manuel for his Spring collection launch.

Read Erica John‘s article about the night below from

“It’s the time of year to celebrate Canadian Designers during Toronto`s LG Fashion Week. Thanks to, we got the royal treatment and VIP access to one of the most anticipated shows of the week. Most of you know Jay Manuel as the silver haired fashion guru along side Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. However, recently he has designed and launched his own line for women called ATTITUDE that can be found at The Modern Shop.”

“After getting primped and pampered in hair and makeup, we hit the VIP for a few drinks. There were trend-savvy people everywhere you turned wearing faux fur vests, faux leather, vibrant shades of red and, of course, the highest of heels. After mingling with the best, it was off to get a sneak preview of the ATTITUDE 2012 spring collection.”

Read more here: That Chick Erica | Toronto LG Fashion Week

Cabbie & Mully Take London

11:22 am in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

TRF Platinum 100 member, Cabbie headed to London to shoot an episode of CABBIE PRESENTS, a weekly segment airing Fridays on SportsCentre and decided to bring fellow Platinum 100 member and #1 party friend Justin Mulligan.

TRF members always do it big. If you’ve got TRF worthy pics from an event, let us know with your “Submit Content” tab!

Coors Light Mystery Mansion

7:53 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

Go behind the ropes with our good friends from Coors Light at Mystery Mansion. Of course we were there!

Film Fashion F1 Party – Thompson

7:21 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

The Film Fashion F1 Party series continues to heat up and has become the premiere event for all things Fashion, Film or Grand Prix. This instalment takes place during Toronto Fashion Week and was at the Thompson Hotel. The architects of the series are our good friends at Pulp & Fiber, who not only dominate all things design, they also clearly lead the pack when it comes to putting on exclusive events. We also always love that they set aside tickets for TRF members. It’s win-win for all.

TRF & Tiësto

8:17 pm in TRF Event Pics by Oreon Mounter

TRF Members Jacky & Madison backstage with Tiësto.

This was made possible by our good friends at Heineken.

Check out a true TRF entrance:

This is only a preview, to get the full TRF experience request membership here