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Super Bowl Commercial*

8:39 am in Magazine, Viral by Oreon Mounter

There seems to be a trend forming where brands capitalize on massive events even though they are not officially part of them. Newcastle scores big with this series creating a lot of buzz before the big game. Here are the follow ups…

Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat Cereal

6:04 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Since it’s launch in January, the Twitter-supported, looping video app, Vine has been kind of a mixed bag. Some people use it as just another time waster. While others (check out Will Sasso’s account) are using it as another form of media to create some truly unique content. The best so far, has to be Ryan McHenry’s series of Ryan Gosling not eating his cereal. I know it doesn’t make sense. Just watch…and laugh.

7-Yr-Old Boy Fighting Brain Cancer Scores

9:46 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

Hoffman, a 7-year old boy fighting brain cancer, was given his own pint-sized jersey (#22) and placed in the game during the fourth quarter. One of his teammates handed him the ball, and Jack started hustling down the field while players from both teams followed — not to tackle him, but just to be part [...]

Hilarious Drive-Thru Pranks

1:21 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

The YouTube magician known only as Rahat has a few viral sensations on his magical hands. His drive-thru prank videos average over 3 Millions views each, but none have been as popular (or funny) as his latest. The Drive-Thru Invisible Driver prank has to be seen to be believed. And check out some more of Rahat’s classics below!

2012 in Search

8:08 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

The world’s attention wavered between the tragic and the silly in 2012, and Web surfers searched in huge numbers to find out about a royal princess, the latest iPad and a record-breaking skydiver.

Singer Whitney Houston was the “top trending” search of the year, according to Google Inc’s year-end Zeitgeist report. Google’s 12th annual roundup is “an in-depth look at the spirit of the times as seen through the billions of searches on Google over the past year,” the company said in a blog post Wednesday. Source:

Ikea Monkey Takes Over The Net

3:28 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

By now, you’ve probably heard the story and LOL’ed pretty hard. Yesterday, a stylish monkey in a shearling coat wandered into a Toronto Ikea store…the internet waits for stories like this. A meme is born.

20,000 Teddy Bears Hit The Ice

6:09 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Just because the NHL is caught up in a lockout, doesn’t mean there’s nothing entertaining in hockey going on. Check out this video from the Calgary Hitmen on their 19th Annual Teddy Bear Toss night. In Sunday’s game pitting the Calgary Hitmen against the Kootenay Ice at the Scotiabank Saddledome, Pavlo Padakin’s goal in the [...]

Look At This Instagram

9:41 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

The best Instagram parody yet. And maybe the best Nickelback parody too?

2012′s Most Viral Videos

6:12 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Everyday in 2012, there was a new crop of “must-see” videos hitting the web. Whether it was cell phone shots of drunk shenanigans or high-production value, weird Korean dance videos, the world was watching. Here’s a collection of the most viral videos of the year.

KONY 2012
The online campaign video to hunt down African warlord, Joseph Kony wasn’t only the most-shared video this year, it’s the most-shared of ALL TIME. (Too bad it was so swiftly discredited and it’s creator went craaaaazy)

PSY – “Gangnam Style”
AKA “The Asian Macarena”, “Gangnam Style” absolutely blew up the internet…and the clubs…and television…and your mom’s workout playlist. The video was shared over 29 MILLION times and is now, the most-viewed YouTube clip ever.

“Push to Add Drama”
This brilliant ad from TNT brought a much-needed dose of excitement to a quiet square in Belgium…because shooting people for fun in the streets wouldn’t fly in L.A. It dominated your Facebook newsfeed for most of the spring with over 4 million shares.

Charlotte & Jonathan
It seems every year there’s a new kinda-weird-looking and insanely talented person on a talent show. This year, it was the opera singing duo of Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli. This clip of them melting Simon’s heart was viewed more that 1 million times in 3 days.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe”
Technically, the song you couldn’t get out of your head was released in 2011, but in 2012, it went viral. How? The righteous tweet of The Biebs. One tweet from fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber, launched Carly into superstardom, a thousand parodies and millions of YouTube views. That’s a powerful tweet.

2 Legit 2 Gangnam Style

6:47 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

PSY has more moves than I thought. Hammer can’t keep up. Best performance of the 2012 American Music Awards.

Will PSY’s career last longer than Hammer’s?

Obama’s Victory Speech

9:55 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech at approximately 1:40 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning, and it is already being deemed one of his best of all time. “We are not as divided as our politics suggests. We are not as cynical as the pundits believe,” said Obama during the speech. “We are not red states [...]

10 Ways to Smash a Pumpkin

2:12 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Well, Halloween’s over for another year, kids. Time to stock up on the last pumpkin beers, put away that sexy nurse costume and throw that jack-o-latern to the curb. Or…you can do what the evil geniuses at Thrash Lab did, and destroy that thing like a bawwwws. Never has mild vandalism looked so beautiful! (The last 3 are truly epic.)

The Scariest YouTube Videos

5:22 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Halloweekend is here! And to get you in the spirit, here’s our collection of the scariest videos on YouTube. (Honey Boo Boo not included).
DISCLAIMER: TRF is not responsible for any heart attacks, nightmares or wet pants as a result of watching these videos.

Happy Halloween!

And just to lighten things up…here’s that kid who’s terrified of nose blowing. =)

Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings

5:29 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

No, these aren’t photographs. Seriously. They are the mind-blowing works of tattoo artist/possible art-making robot, Diego Koi. And they’re done using nothing but pencil. Diego is only 23 and is completely self-taught. Inspired by the style and discipline of the great ancient Japanese artists, Diego is getting a lot of internet buzz lately with his works appearing on The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

Check out his full portfolio at: Deviant Art

Coke Unlocks Your Inner 007

12:51 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Coke Zero is giving away free passes to see the new 007 flick, Skyfall. Big deal, right? But there’s a catch…to get the passes you have to become James Bond. And you only have 70 seconds to pull it off. The result is another amazing viral campaign from the folks at Coke…and me wishing I had found that vending machine.

Simpsons…Meet the Griffins

5:32 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

World’s collide in this animation by the talented Gustavo Macana as the two most popular animated shows combine into one. Macana took the iconic opening to The Simpsons and mashed it with the world of Family Guy. It’s very well done…and clever. Keep your eye out for some easy-to-miss gags.

Hilarious Scare Photos

5:02 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Well, ’tis the season…to get the crap scared out of you and your buddies. Perhaps no one does this better than the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls. Nightmares’ hilarious scare pics have become a viral sensation. Check out some of the best.

More at:

The Best Marching Band in the U.S.

11:55 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

The Ohio State University marching band is often nicknamed “TBMBITL” (The Best Marching Band In The Land). And with good reason. The band consistently puts on halftime shows well worth skipping out on a bathroom break for. And now, they have a viral hit on their hands with their latest routine, a 9-minute tribute to video games. Before you write that off as “nerdy”, give it a look. It’s the best choreography we’ve seen since the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies…or those inmates that did the “Thriller” dance.

Check out some of the OSU band’s greatest hits!

The Most Liked Video…Ever.

2:05 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Already one of the most popular music video on YouTube, K-Pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is now officially YouTube’s most liked video of all time. The ode to invisible horse riding has managed to rack up over 2.2 million positive reactions from YouTube users since it was unleashed on July 15th, leaving LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and its 1.57 million likes in the dust.

And adding to the insanity (and 230 Million+ views) are the parodies, interviews and appearances. And with news that Psy has been signed to a huge American record label…the insanity is going to continue.

Source: Gawker

Grandpa…meet Dubstep

5:03 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

The Fine Brothers are a viral video producing duo that hit gold when they found a magic combination…old people + new stuff = hilarity. The Bros. have impromptu focus groups with various representatives of the “over 50″ crowd and the reactions are priceless. To sum it up, old people think the Mars landing is cool, Jersey Shore is terrible and Skrillex is terrifying.

How To Pay a Parking Ticket

5:26 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

This man received a $137 ticket and decided to get a little creative with his payment. The man showed up to the police department with two donut boxes filled with 137 origami pigs made out of $1 bills. It took him about 6 hours to prepare them. That’s called “stickin’ it to the man”, kids.

The King of Carnival Games

5:25 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Next to maybe a stick of deodorant, Peter Drakos is a carny’s worst nightmare.
Peter is, without a doubt, the greatest carnival games player in the world. Since the age of 9, he’s been absolutely destroying the ring toss, bean bag throw and that stupid game with the softball and basket that I SWEAR is impossible. Peter is so good, that the parks he goes to have had to put limits on how many prizes he can take home. And what does a 64 year-old guy do with all those stuffed animals? He gives them away (over $250,000 worth).

Old Spice Knows Viral

5:14 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Old Spice is back with a new viral ad that is already well on its way to dominating the talk of every social network out there. Spokesman, Terry Crews is a one-man band and plays a soothing melody, promoting Old Spice’s Danger Zone. Make sure you go to Vimeo and turn the HTML5 player on for an amazing interactive experience! This is the latest in a line of ads that have dominated the viral world for the last couple years. It’s safe to say that whoever is coming up with these, “gets it”.
Here’s a look back at some of Old Spice’s greatest hits (that have amassed over 50 Million views!).

A collection of Terry Crews’ “unique” Odor Blocker spots.

Old Spice gets motivational.

Short-lived spokesman, Fabio had some great bits.

Terry Crews returns to mess up a Bounce commercial!

The “new” Old Spice Guy. Not as popular as…

The original Old Spice Guy! 43,000,000 people can’t be wrong…

Walk of Insanity

12:03 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Two months after the world watched Nik Wallenda walk a tightrope over Niagara Falls, slackline walker, Faith Dickey tries to one-up him with this absolutely insane stunt. The stunt was set up to show the precise handling of the new Volvo FH. Filmed on an unopened highway in Croatia in cooperation with Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero (James Bond, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean.) Directed by Academy Award nominee Henry Alex Rubin.

It’s a Parkour Dog

5:13 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

If watching superhumans in the Olympics didn’t make you feel a little out of shape, this dog will. Tret, is an American Staffordshire Terrier from the Ukraine who has mastered the art of Parkour. I have no idea how he learned these tricks, but I bet he’ll co-star in a Parkour movie with Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner next year.

Perfectly-Timed Photos

5:41 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Action Photography is an artform that requires lighting-fast reflexes. You need to be able to capture that 1/100th of a second when the moment is just right. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll capture something hilarious. Here’s some of the funniest examples from true sharpshooters.

Life-Sized Hot Wheels Track

4:49 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

The folks at the X Games have definitely raised the bar on crazy with their latest stunt. A real-life Hot Wheels loop track was created and driven by TWO drivers simultaneously. It’s a race and a stunt in one, with the drivers racing two purpose-built cars at 52 mph down separate tracks that merge into one big loop, where they face a a gravitational force of 7 G’s (that’s what a fighter pilot feels), before being spit out on the other side to complete a jump. First one through wins.

Guy Has Talk With 12 Year-Old Self

3:45 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Comedian Jeremiah McDonald has created probably the best thing you’ll see on the internet today. When Jeremiah was 12, he made a home video talking to his adult self. Now, at 32 years old, Jeremiah sits down to have a conversation…with himself.

June 2012 Fails

5:54 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

To start your Canada Day weekend off with a smile…here’s every Epic Fail from this month. Happy long weekend TRF!

9 Years Dancing Around the Globe

12:47 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Back in 2003, Matt Harding’s friends videotaped him doing his “signature dance” on a trip to Vietnam. In 2004, he did the same dance on a trip to Africa. Harding edited together 15 dance scenes, uploaded the video to the internet…and the rest is history. Since then, Matt has landed sponsorship from Stride Gum, become [...]

The 10 Best Short YouTube Vids

4:32 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

It’s finally Friday and you deserve to end the week with a smile on your face! But we know you’re anxious to start a truly Royal weekend, so here’s the Top 10 Best (and shortest) videos on YouTube. Nothing over 25 seconds! That’s called “average YouTube attention span”. #1. Late For Work #2. Lizards Jumps [...]

Russian “Skywalkers” Are Insane

4:55 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

This latest teen photo trend might be the clearest illustration of the difference between Russia and North America. We lie down on stuff and call it “planking”. They pose, or “Skywalk”, hundreds of feet in the air with nothing between them and the sudden splat of failure. Skywalking is the new Russian planking, basically, but [...]

The Bar Tending Ninja

4:53 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Last week on Ukraine’s version of America’s Got Talent (predictably named, Ukraine’s Got Talent), bartender Alexander Shtifanov proved that he’s either the greatest bartender on the planet…or a secret ninja assassin for the KGB. This guy has unreal skills. It looks like he lives in The Matrix.

“Uncle Drew” Schools Youngsters

1:59 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Pepsi MAX went to a pick-up game in Bloomfield, NJ pretending to shoot a documentary on a basketball player named “Kevin.” When his Uncle Drew came into the game, some magical things happened. (Starring this year’s NBA Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving)

Crazy Non-Photoshopped Pics

6:43 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe anything you see on the internet. With so many photoshop ninjas out there, people are very quick to call “fake!” as soon as they see something that’s too cool to be true. But, rest assured these amazing photos have not been re-touched at all. Seriously! Google [...]

Hecklers Getting Heckled

6:00 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Being a comedian has to be one of the hardest, most stressful jobs in show business. You’re put on stage, against a brick wall, with a light in your face and then a couple hundred tipsy-to-fall-down-drunk people demand that you be funny. But nothing is worse than the heckler. That person who has just enough [...]

Carlton’s Dancing Flash Mob

11:58 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Anyone who was alive for the 90s knows that one of the greatest comedy bits in history is the “Carlton Dance”. Alfonso Ribeiro is bringing it back with a vengeance with the largest flash mob ever assembled. And while we’re taking a walk down memory lane, here’s the best of Carlton gettin’ down with his [...]

Push To Add Drama

7:26 am in Viral by Adam James

TNT’s awesomely crazy “Push To Add Drama” ad has become a viral hit of massive proportions, rivaled only by Volkswagen’s “Darth Vader” Super Bowl commercial that took the Internet by storm. The 1:46 gem is an exercise in entertaining chaos as ambulances, street brawls, attempted abductions, and shoot outs with the police are featured.

Worse Than “Friday”

4:22 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Move over, Rebecca Black. There’s a new “worst thing you’ve ever heard, seen or experienced”. “Hot Problems” by teenage super-duo, Double Take, has 1.8 million views and will make you wish the internet was never invented. At least Rebecca Black sprung for some Auto-Tune. This sounds like a cat caught in a vacuum cleaner. Note: [...]

Guy Runs Around World

6:29 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Nike’s latest ad for their new Fuelband was made by independent filmaker, Casey Neistat. Supposedly, Nike asked him to make a movie about what it means to “make it count” and Casey blew it all on a roundtrip tour of the world with his buddy. That’s probably not the truth because if anyone blew that [...]

Invisible Benz

7:03 am in Viral by Adam James

In this clever publicity stunt, Mercedes wanted to emphasize that its F-Cell vehicle has no exhaust emissions, making it virtually invisible to the environment. If you take a look at the video above, you’ll see how these clever dudes did it: by placing a mat of LEDs across one side of the vehicle and mounting [...]

Titanic Super 3D

7:51 am in Viral by Adam James

If you thought James Cameron’s megahit Titanic is a bit boring, you’ll probably love the new version. Titanic Super 3D brings new motion feel technology, sea monsters, plenty of unnecessary explosions and a modernized soundtrack. And if all that is not enough for you, the Imperial Forces from Star Wars have interfered, too, though we’re [...]

Trike Drifting

6:22 am in Viral by Adam James

Check out this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the next Fast and Furious movie, The Fast & The Furious: Tricycle Drift! Seriously, is that guy not even wearing shoes?!?

Drunken Rhapsody

12:20 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

In a move that would make Freddie Mercury smile, this gentleman was recently arrested by the RCMP and decided to exact a soulful, musical revenge by performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the back of the cruiser…from beginning to end…including the instruments. I think the sweetest part of this video is that they pull into the station [...]

Paris Hilton’s “Drunk Text”

11:25 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, Paris has pulled the video from YouTube due to an overwhelming backlash (massive suckage). Full Story I’m posting this under “Viral” as opposed to “Music” because, well…I can’t. I just can’t. Here’s the latest music video, “Drunk Text”, from The Lyrical Scientist (aka Paris Hilton) in collaboration with Manufactured [...]

Looking For a Date?

10:53 am in Viral by Adam James

Enter The Serenade, a Facebook app the Dutch masters dreamed up to help cool guys ask cool girls out on cool dates in a cool way. The menu-driven app asks for your name and the name of your potential date, along with why you like her, what you’d like to do with her (hush, you!) [...]

The Evolution of Gotye

12:04 pm in Viral by Adam James

Gotye, pronounced go-tea-yay, has seen some great viral exposure in 2012 with his hit ‘Somebody That I Use to Know‘. Following his single, a cover band named Walk Off The Earth created a viral video that showcased their talent while the 5 members played one guitar. It reached 47 million views in under 30 days, [...]

It’s Reinvented

7:47 am in Viral by Adam James

Toyota reinvents more than the Camry in this extended version of the blockbuster commercial that started it all. What would you like #reinvented?

The Kobe System

1:29 pm in Viral by Adam James

In a new Nike ad touting the Kobe system, Bryant speaks before an audience that includes rapper Kanye West, NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, United States Men’s National Team soccer player Landon Donovan, billionaire Richard Branson, comedian Aziz Ansari and others, giving one simple message. “The Kobe System is about adaptation: attacking fast and [...]

From Slap Chop to Schticky!

1:47 pm in Viral by Adam James

We can all thank Chris Forrester for the new Schticky informercial. More info at: Schticky

Sh*t Nobody Says: Finale

7:10 am in Viral by Adam James

Ever since ‘Shit Girls Say’, people have been making their own variations and I hope this is the nail in the coffin. Have you ever heard someone say “can I burn a copy of your Nickelback CD?” or “my Bazooka gum still has flavor!” We didn’t think so. The latest installment of the “Sh*t [insert [...]

Obama Was “Born this Way”

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Catching our attention at the moment is a potpourri of laugh-inducing YouTube clips featuring U.S. President Barack Obama “singing” Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Perhaps a response to the birth certificate fiasco?

Shake On It

7:38 am in Viral by Adam James

“Shake On It” is a humorous ESPN commercial about the wagers between fans of rival sports teams (and what happens to the loser of the bet).

Real Talk: Gordon Ramsay

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

This video compilation was made by one of Gordon Ramsay’s super fans. Gordo is known for his explosive personality from Hell’s Kitchen, however in this one-on-one, he shows his intimate side. We hope you enjoy some real talk as Ramsay reveals ‘How To Treat a Lady’

Best Local News Bloopers of 2011

2:31 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

A collection of the best local news bloopers that hit the internet in 2011.

3D Light Show

1:27 am in Viral by Adam James

Seems to be the new wave of performance art. Needless to say, pretty amazing, however where does one find the time to make this?

Drunk History Christmas

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes star in “T’Was The Night Before Christmas”…narrated by a drunken story teller. Happy Holidays! Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes from Ryan Gosling

Talent Gone Viral in 2K11

7:04 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

In 2011, the web blew up with overnight celebrities. It has never been easier for talented people to get themselves the exposure they deserve. Here’s some of our favourites that took the web by storm in 2K11. They all became viral stars and some even went on to appear on national TV and land record [...]

S*** Girls Say, Part II

12:23 pm in Viral by Adam James

What started as tweets, is now a hilarious web series. Be sure to submit your “Shit Girls Say” to @shitgirlssay. If you missed Part I, here it is:

B-Boy World Finals

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Braun’s Battle of the Year recently took place November 19 at the Park & Suites Arena in Montpellier, France. The event included b-boys from 19 countries competing for Braun’s championship title for the best break dance crew in the world. With a crowd of 12,000 plus, the French crew, Vagabonds, took home the crown for [...]

Born With Flow

6:15 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

This is Khaliyl Iloyi of the UK. He is 2. 2 YEARS OLD. He can’t even speak English and he already has better flow and wittier punchlines than Rick Ross. Yeah, I said it. I predict that Jay-Z will sign this kid by the time you’re done reading this. His signing bonus will be an [...]

Miniature Railway on Steroids

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

When do you find a new hobby? Probably when you rebuild the entire world in miniature form. The scale and detail is incredible, however at the end of the day its a toy model. Some little kids never grow up.

Rob Ford Kick Start

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had a busy week, as seen from day to day. I wonder if he has found that gravy train yet. Best of luck Ford!

Mario Bros. Reeemix!

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Bulgaria’s Got Talent watch out! Brings me back to the day when Mario was ‘THE’ game. B.E.N.E.F.I.T. – Super Mario Brothers Rap by eeekaj

Mars Rover is Showing Off

11:58 am in Viral by Mike Gallant

I’m a big fan of space science…except Jupiter…that is an ugly planet with a giant red mole that is too big. Anyway…the Jet Propulsion Laboratory released this cool animated video of how the Mars Curiosity spaceship is going to land on Mars 8.5 months from now. Here’s my beef though…watch at how complicated this landing [...]

Reporter Flips Obama the Bird

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Tatyana Limanova is no longer a newsreader for Russia’s REN TV. The anchor, who is widely respected and has already been shopping for a new job, received the Russian equivalent of a pink slip after, while reading a news report on American politics, she seems to give President Barack Obama the finger on live TV. [...]

Everyday is Black Friday on TRF

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

I really hope you weren’t one of those waiting in line for Walmart at 6:30 am to save a little bit extra before Christmas. Like these people…rioting over a waffle maker. I love waffles as much as anyone, but reeeeally?! Don’t be a sucker, just keep up-to-date with TRF’s weekly deals. If there’s something hot, [...]

Blackberry Apple Parody

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

Whether you own a Blackberry or Mac this sketch screams british humor. In the week that millions were hit by the BlackBerry outage, it seems that YouTube users turned to a BBC comedy to help them get through their pain. The title of the trailer for The One Ronnie, produced last December, seems strangely prescient: [...]

Siri Facilitates Argument

7:00 am in Viral by Adam James

I’m sure Apple is in the process of developing a couple counselling app, in hopes to avoid this scenario. Watch as College Humor does a well executed parody of Apple-based software, Siri. Enjoy! Source: College Humor See all the CollegeHumor Original Videos here.

Little Girl is Pure Evil

11:11 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

This cute little girl is a comic book super-villain in the making. She has fully embraced the dark side. “Some babies just want to watch the world burn.”

Excited Soccer Kid the latest Meme

8:54 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

On the left, you’ll notice that less-than-thrilled trophy-bearer is Man. U defender Nemanja Vidic. He’s meaningless to us, because he has completely been dwarfed by that pint-sized powerhouse to his right. I don’t know that kid’s name, nor do I know why he’s hanging out with Vidic. Bottom line – I don’t care. That kid [...]

Parenting with MC Hammer

11:54 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Comedian / Blogger, Nate Smith has completely changed the parenting game with his revolutionary system based on the ancient teachings of the great MC Hammer. By using visual aids and repetition, Nate’s system will ensure that your child will always know what they can’t touch. NOTE: People born after 1990 probably won’t understand this. Can’t [...]

Herman Cain’s Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson

3:37 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

Herman Cain’s Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson Everybody deserves some laughter and this Funny or Die video featuring Mike Tyson channeling Herman Cain certainly fits the bill. Tyson, never one to run from his own foibles, does a nice job of playing all of this with a straight face. The former heavyweight [...]

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon do it again

10:36 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

When Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake teamed up with the Roots to perform “The History of Rap” last September, it was a blast — a fun and funny walk through some of rap’s most influential songs. Then they did a second volume this summer, and it was noticeably watered down. Four months have gone by [...]

‘Empire State of Mind’ 9/11 tribute

8:18 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, State Farm partnered with director Spike Lee to film a tribute to thank the heroes of New York. Nearly 150 school children from the New York City area visited four firehouses and thanked the firefighters through song.

Inside Your Cat’s Brain…

10:59 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

Hey, all you cat lovers! Ever wonder what’s going on in your cat’s head? What drives it to chase that laser pointer up the wall? How the hell can it sleep 23 hours a day? Is it secretly plotting world domination? Comedian, Mike Polk Jr. has the answers from deep within your cat’s psyche.

Jean Claude Van Damme – Tight Pants & Cold Beer

1:34 pm in Magazine, Viral by Mike Coletta

The latest out of the UK, Coors Light resurrects Jean Claude Van Damme to tell us about his ‘frozen’ jeans! This post was submitted by Mike Coletta.

MLB’s Biggest “F*ck It” Call Ever

12:28 pm in Viral by Mike Gallant

We’ve all been there. There’s ten minutes left on the clock before you can punch out. You just wanna go home and take off your socks and watch three repeats of Frasier before you fall asleep (actually scratch that Frasier sucked)…and then your boss comes in with a Chrysler Building of paperwork you overlooked…and it’s [...]

Heineken Light Stachey Goodness

3:16 pm in Viral by Mike Gallant

I know…Boo! Hiss! We’re posting another Heineken commercial…but TRF isn’t a democracy. And if Heineken chooses to one day stop making amazing commercials then we in turn will refrain from blogging about them and showing them off. So sit back and enjoy a simpler time…when handlebars were on faces and mustaches tickled women’s faces longer [...]

Old Spice Fail?

7:00 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

“Old Spice” and “fail” are hardly ever in the same sentence, not even in your dad’s generation. After one of the most successful campaigns of all time and moving countless sticks of deodorant off the shelves the team at Old Spice seem to have missed the mark. Old school Fabio has nothing on new school [...]

JT & Jimmy: History of Rap, Pt. 2

10:53 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

They’ve done it again! Justin Timberlake joined Jimmy and The Roots to perform another glorious medley of hip hop songs through the ages. Here’s a tracklist for your downloading needs: Kurtis Blow – Breaks Grandmaster Flash – The Message NWA – Express Yourself Public Enemy – Bring the Noise Rob Base – It Takes Two [...]

KSwiss CEO: Kenny Powers

7:25 am in Viral by Oreon Mounter

You have to love a brand that takes bold steps to entertain us. Kenny Powers kills this one with an all star cast.

Keenan & Kenny Do Bon Jovi

10:15 am in Viral by Jason Baskey

This Keenan kid is something else. Since becoming a YouTube sensation for his lip syncing skills, he’s appeared on almost every talk show in America and performed duets with some of the biggest stars in the world. Well, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Ladies and gentlemen, Keenan Cahill and star of MTV’s The [...]

June Fail Compilation!

4:25 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Just because it’s Monday and you deserve a laugh…here’s 5 and a half minutes of pure FAIL! This, my friends, is why the internet was invented.

The Bruins’ Six-Figure Bar Tab

3:44 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

To celebrate their first Stanley Cup win in 39 years, the Boston Bruins partied hard. And by hard, I mean they hit up the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and dropped a cool $156,000! A little less shocking when you consider that the whole team was there…but a little more shocking when you realize that $100,000 [...]

Bedtime with Samuel L. Jackson

9:27 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

If you’re looking to give your kid nightmares for life, or maybe just looking for a great laugh, there’s nothing better on the internet right now, than Mr. Samuel L. Jackson reading the under-appreciated children’s classic, “Go The F*** To Sleep”. Sweet dreams! (jump to 0:55 to skip the intro)

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

3:34 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

These guys can’t miss. One of our favs from the new album helps Michael Bolton make a comeback. Buy at iTunes. New album on sale now! Just in case you missed the boys with Rhianna check it out…

Heineken “The Date”

4:56 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

Heineken does it again with their follow up to “The Entrance”. This is a date even TRF members would find impressive. We’re big fans of innovative marketing and the global approach Heineken takes is always impressive. Big things coming from Heineken this summer for TRF…stay tuned. Haven’t seen “The Entrance”? Check it out.

R. Kelly Inspires a Sloth!

5:46 pm in Viral by Jason Baskey

Because we all need a little inspiration sometimes. And who better than Mr. Kelly?

The Lonely Island Returns

7:59 pm in Viral by Oreon Mounter

We know, it’s probably not “cool” to like The Lonely Island anymore. Once anyone ascends to a level of popularity like they have the next logical step is for people to revolt and write them off as lame or sellouts or whatever adjective works the best. Well, scoff all you want, because we’re posting this [...]

If Men Published Women’s Mags

4:20 pm in Viral by Simon Admin

If men could break into one of the women’s mag’s offices and chose our own layout, free of rules. The truth we could spread! The outcome would probably be a lot like these…
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