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The Roads of The Future

12:32 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

The day is coming soon when traditional roads will be “so 2012″. Roads that glow in the dark and even charge electric cars are set to introduced in The Netherlands next year. ‘Smart Highways’ unveiled last week at Dutch Design Week will use the latest technologies in roads their designers claim will be ‘more sustainable, safe and intuitive’. The companies behind the project say their goal is to turn around the usual route of transport innovation by focusing on the highway rather than the vehicles which use it. Among the most ambitious of the ideas for the future of road travel are special lanes which will allow drivers of electric cars to recharge their vehicles as they travel along them.

Another plan is to fit the roads with power-saving lights which will gradually brighten as vehicles approach then switch themselves off after they pass. Those ideas are still some years off, but from next year Dutch roads will be painted with lines made from a photo-luminescent powder that charges in sunlight to illuminate the road for up to 10 hours overnight.

Another technology aimed for implementation next year is temperature-responsive dynamic paint which will make ice-crystals visible to drivers when cold weather makes road surfaces slippery.

The ideas – developed by Dutch firms Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure – have already been hailed as ‘Best Future Concept’ at the Dutch Design Awards.


Thanks to Mike Lee for the find!

Amazon Prime Comes to Canada

2:09 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Already available in the U.S. and six other countries, Amazon Prime hits Canada today! Amazon’s two-day, unlimited shipping service is going to be a game-changer in the Canadian retail space, for sure. For only $79 a year. Amazon says the two-day shipping guarantee will be offered in most of Canada. Customers in rural areas, particularly in the North or the Maritimes, can still get unlimited shipping but without the two-day guarantee.

Some areas will also get the option of upgrading to one-day shipping for an additional fee starting at $3.99 per item. Crazy.

So…who needs to fight the crowds in the mall anymore?

What does it take to fill all these orders? Well, here’s a glimpse inside an Amazon warehouse…

Happy New Year & Thank You!

10:00 am in Trends by Oreon Mounter

2012 has been an amazing year for the team at The Royal Few, thanks to all our amazing members! It is because of you that we have been able to craft plans for a spectacular 2013 and our Royal Few 2.0 launch. We’ve got big things in the works including more perks, bigger events, mobile [...]

Pizza Perfume

6:28 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

All true celebrities deserve their own perfume and Pizza Hut is no different! What began as a fun Facebook post – with Pizza Hut asking fans just how much they loved the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened – has materialized into Pizza Hut becoming the latest celebrity to launch its [...]

The Car of The Year (is Electric!)

6:06 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Automobile Magazine recently spent the better part of three days getting to know 28 of the latest and greatest cars on the market to pick its Automobile of the Year, and today it announced that the 2012 Tesla Model S was given this coveted award. As much as the all-electric Model S means to the automotive world, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t snag a lot more hardware in the next few months.

The Model S beat out cars like the 2013 Cadillac ATS, 2013 Ford Fusion, 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S and 2013 BMW M5 with its sleek design, luxurious and tech-filled interior and, of course, its unique electric powertrain that offers both an incredible all-electric range and equally eye-popping performance.


Behold! Steve Jobs’ iYacht

4:49 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Prior to his death last year, Steve Jobs was spending a lot of time obsessing over the design and completion of his private yacht, Venus. Now, more than a year later, Venus is ready for the water. There’s definitely more than a hint of Apple’s signature minimalist design in this boat…including, the seven 27-inch iMacs on the bridge. The interior of the yacht was designed by famous French designer, Phillipe Starck. It is 260-feet long and the cost…unknown.

A New Way To Pay

6:38 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Taking one more step towards the eventual death of cash money, Square is now available in Canada. Square is a payment system that can be used with your smartphone or tablet to accept payments via credit card. The service fees are low and the technology is slick and super-convenient. Get used to this method of payment. The future is here. We should all look forward to the day when we never again have to handle a 5 dollar bill that’s seen the inside of the Brass Rail.

More info at:

Inside Google’s Data Centers

6:02 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when you have a GChat? Or send a GMail? Or Google search “LOL Cats”? Well, the mad scientists at the world’s “best company to work for” just released these amazing pictures of their data centers in Iowa, Georgia, Oklahoma and Finland. Why are they in such remote places and not in the heart of Silicon Valley? Real estate. These data centers are massive. Some are as big as 4-5 football fields. And in keeping with Google’s branding, all the pipes and wires are Google’s signature colours. Willy Wonka would approve.

Dentist Invents Musical Drill

5:56 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Does the high-pitched whirring of a dentist drill give you a serious case of the flop sweats? Dr. Dhanni Gustiana has the answer. The dentist from Java, Indonesia has modified the traditional dentist’s drill to play mp3s…and it even takes requests. Dr. Gustiana spent 6 million rupiah (about $595) to modify the drill, which he says is to calm his younger patients (and terrified adults). The music even plays louder when the patient’s mouth is open. So, next time you need a root canal, request some “Gangnam Style” and have a great time. Easy on the chair-dancing, though.

The New Down-Sized Starbucks

5:08 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

This week, in Colorado, Starbucks debuted its first “modern modular” store. The new store is a much smaller drive-thru and walk-up version that is actually assembled in a factory and delivered to the location by truck. On top of that, Starbucks has guaranteed that all materials used to build the new stores will be local (i.e. sourced within a 500-mile radius). This small physical and carbon footprint has earned the location a coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Look for one coming to a neighbourhood near you in the near future!

Full story at: Fast Company Design

The RedBull Space Jump

4:06 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

RedBull looks to once again, push the limits of human awesomeness by breaking the world record for highest skydive this coming Monday, October 8th. Austrian skydiver/crazy man, Felix Baumgartner will attempt the jump from almost 36 kilometers above the Earth. To be fair, the edge of space is still another 70 kilometers up there, but really who’s counting? Baumgartner will set FOUR world records before he hits the ground: Highest Manned Balloon Flight (120,000 ft.), Free Fall From Highest Altitude, Fastest Free Fall Speed (approx. 1,100 km/hr) and Longest Free Fall Time (approx. 5 mins and 35 secs.)

Autodrive Cars Are Now Legal

5:19 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Last week, Google took one more step towards a freaky, Minority Report-esque future by convincing California governor Jerry Brown to make autonomous (driverless) vehicles street legal. Governor Brown came to the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA to sign SB 1298, a bill that “creates a legal framework and safety standards for autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways.”

Technically, the bill wasn’t really necessary, since Cali’s vehicle laws were written in the early 20th century when the idea of a driverless car would get you burned at the stake for witchcraft. But with this bill, it’s clear that the super-smart cars have the full support of the state.

Google’s Autonomous Vehicle uses a combination of radar, sensors and computer navigation to drive itself…but will legally require a human driver to be present as back-up. So, no sending your robot car to go pick up a case of beer for you.

MySpace Brings Sexy Back

6:14 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Zombies are huge, right now. So, it’s only appropriate that MySpace has risen from the dead, too. And looking…good? Believe it or not, it looks like investor, Justin Timberlake and his people have done a major facelift and brought MySpace into the 2010′s with style. The “New” MySpace will be focused on music, movies and [...]

First Look at BlackBerry 10

4:12 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

After spending the last year or so at #3 in the smartphone wars, BlackBerry desperately needs a homerun. Ever since its announcement, RIM has assured us that the BlackBerry 10 will be the life saver it needs. Today, developers got their first look at the BB10 interface. Looks pretty slick, so far. And rumour has it, the BB10 will be available as a touchscreen OR QWERTY keyboard model (for you purists out there).

For more info, head over to:

Amazing 3D Tattoos

2:20 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

As of 2012, 21% of adults in the US have at least one tattoo…so, it’s safe to say that getting inked is officially mainstream. With everyone and their grandma now rocking a tatt, the trendsetters are looking for the next big thing to separate them from the masses. Behold, the 3D tattoo. Only a select few tattoo artists have been able to perfect this technique and their work is truly mind-blowing. Check out some of the best.

National Geographic’s Photo Contest

1:00 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

National Geographic is once again, holding its annual photo contest. On September 1st, the magazine started accepting submissions from professionals and amateurs alike and so far, the entries have been truly world class. Readers will vote on their faves in the categories of People, Places and Nature. Check out some of the best entries, so far, and if you’re a photographer, get your entry in by November 1st!

Check it out at:

Skydiving On Mars

5:41 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Ok, so you can’t really skydive on Mars. But, soon enough! *fingers crossed* In the meantime, check out this amazing video from producer, Bard Canning. Using real imagery from the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, amazing editing and some clever sound effects, he’s given us all a chance to land on Mars. Absolutely incredible — make sure to watch in HD.

Big Apple Announcement Today

1:05 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Today is the big day for early adopters and Mac fanatics. After months of rumours and speculation, Apple is making a huge announcement in San Francisco today at 10 AM (PST) – that’s 1 PM Eastern…so, right about now.

Apple has already taken its shop offline. It’s become standard practice for the Cupertino crew, so it’s hardly a surprise. Still, it’s a good sign that some new products will be available, at least for pre-order, starting today. Interestingly, the store isn’t the only Apple property out of commission currently — reports have been trickling in since yesterday that iCloud is out for some customers as well. The down time could just be a bug that needs fixing, but perhaps iCloud will also get some significant updates this morning to accompany the launch of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Check out a couple of these fan-made videos based on rumour surrounding the iPhone 5.

Absolut’s New Custom Bottles

5:49 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Absolut Vodka recently unveiled “Absolut Unique”, a series of limited edition bottles designed from “orchestrated randomness”. By re-engineering the company’s production facilities, Absolut was able to design a program that splashes the bottles with colors that can’t be repeated. Around 4 million bottles were created and will be distributed globally. Check out an awesome behind the scenes clip into the making of Absolut Unique.

Disney Goes Luxurious

10:39 am in Trends by Oreon Mounter

From Walt Disney movies, theme parks to the Golden Oak project, Disney is all about the quality. Quality that includes amazing experiences, being exceptional and not cutting corners. These themes thrive at Golden Oak. The attention to detail at their new luxury community is remarkable — they take quality and “plus it.” They take something great and make it even better. Plussing. via

Disney Luxury
Disney Luxury
Disney Luxury
Disney Luxury
Disney Luxury

The Invisible Bike Helmet

1:20 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Sadly, the number one reason people don’t wear bike helmets is “because they look stupid”. For all the advances in helmet design over the years, they haven’t managed to make one that doesn’t turn your head into a mushroom (or mess up your hair). Hövding, a company started by two Swedish industrial design students has the answer: an invisible helmet. Hövding is a rapidly-inflating airbag that deploys from a collar around your neck when you’re in an accident. Here’s a video demonstrating this amazing invention.

Hövding is stylish, functional, compact AND has already been approved by some major insurance companies. The downside…it costs around $600 and can only be deployed once.

Google’s New UK Offices

4:03 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

If there’s any doubt that Google is the best company to work for in the world, check out their swanky new digs in London. The mod-inspired offices aim to make the workplace somewhere you can feel unbelievably comfortable, while stimulating the brain. This place looks awesome. I’d probably never go home (I think that’s probably what they’re going for).

The Best Billboards Ever

5:08 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

At TRF, we’re always impressed when brands find innovative and unique ways to get their message to the public. The billboard is one of the most traditional forms of advertising out there. They’ve been around for about 200 years. Yet, savvy agencies and brands keep finding ways to keep them fresh. Here’s some of our faves from around the world.

IKEA’s New Interactive Catalogue

5:11 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

IKEA has always been known as one of the leaders in innovative products. This year, they’re adding one more; their 2013 catalogue, which utilizes the latest in augmented-reality technology. Shoppers can use the smartphone or tablet app in conjunction with the paper catalogue to see expanded views, designs, combinations and descriptions of products.
Maybe print media isn’t dead after all? It’s just evolving.

The 2013 IKEA Catalogue hits your mailbox starting August 13th, 2012 (today!).

Stockholm’s Amazing Subway

5:44 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

While commuters in North America trip over rats while plugging our noses, subway riders in Stockholm, Sweden get treated to something that looks like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The subway stations are made in hollowed out caves under the city and artists have been commissioned to make each station more eye-popping than the last. The Swedes are enjoying the biggest underground art museum in the world.

The Top 10 Instagrammers

5:31 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

There’s a common complaint that Instagram has ruined photography by simplifying it and putting it in the hands of so many inexperienced “photographers”. But not just anyone can be a photographer. It still takes a keen eye and an excellent sense of lighting and composition to make a truly beautiful photo. These photographers do just that. Here’s our picks for the Top 10 Instagrammers out there. Follow them now and get some eye candy!

Zak Shelhamer
Instagram name: @zakshelhamer

Tim Landis
Instagram name: @curious2119

Dustin Vaughn-Luma
Instagram name: @dvl

Mike Kus
Instagram name: @mikekus

Malachy Sherlock
Instagram name: @fashion

Carli Kiene
Instagram name: @inkedfingers

Cole Rise
Instagram name: @colerise

Dan Rubin
Instagram name: @danrubin

Sam Horine
Instagram name: @samhorine

Nir Leshem
Instagram name: @nirl

And if you’re curious how the children of The 1% live, check out Rich Kids of Instagram. I can’t wait to see what Zuckerberg Jr’s account looks like.

Vending Machine Asks For Favours

3:50 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

It’s a well know fact that people will do some pretty crazy things for free stuff (just ask the creator of “Girls Gone Wild”), but what are people willing to do for a free box of chips? Australian chip maker, Fantastic Delites tried to answer that question with their interactive vending machine. Installed at a mall in Adelaide, Australia, the machine asked customers for favours instead of money. The advertising company who developed the campaign, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, said they were looking for a unique way to get people to taste the product. It looks like it worked.

The Marshall Amp Fridge

4:31 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Combining two things men love into one awesome product has always been a recipe for success. Putting bacon on pizza (or just about anything else, really). The creation of the spork. Swiss Army Knives. Watches made out of wood. And now, this Marshall Fridge. It’s a man-cave (or dorm room) sized fridge that will easily be mistaken for a Marshall half-stack. It’s got authentic Marshall facing, 4.4cu ft. of space (conversion: a lot of beer) and control knobs that actually go to 11. In other words, it’s the coolest fridge we’ve ever seen. The only thing it’s missing is a tapper for a pony keg, so we’re just going to assume they’re saving that for the next version.

Pre-order yours at:

Source: Cool Material (where TRF members get 15% off everything!)

Follow TRF Concierge on Twitter

2:37 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Hey, TRF members in the Toronto area! The TRF Concierge is now on Twitter. Follow @trfconciergeTO to get up-to-the-minute info on TRF events, perks and contests in and around Toronto. Since a lot of our contests and giveaways are first-come, first-served, this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out!

The Amazing TopBrewer

4:02 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

The Scanomat Top Brewer fully automatic coffee machine completely redefines how we perceive a coffee brewer. All drinks are brewed to barista standards using precision grinders, tamper pressure, pump pressure and water temperature. It even can be controlled with iOS through your iPhone. This is like having a barista in your kitchen. No word on [...]

Microsoft’s iPad Killer?

4:53 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Give Microsoft credit for making the tablet wars interesting again. Just when you thought Apple’s iPad was going to run away with first prize – or every prize, for that matter – Microsoft throws down the gauntlet. If it isn’t game on, it’s mighty close. Microsoft calls its wannabe-iPad killer the Surface, and at first [...]

Amazing New 3D Google Earth

4:33 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Since 2006, Google Earth has had 3D modeled buildings. Usually, they’re popular landmarks like the CN Tower or the Empire State Building…and usually they don’t look that great. They kind of have that early 3D Playstation look. But the next version of Google Earth is definitely going to change the game. Google now has the [...]

The World’s Largest Pool

4:37 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Behold the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile. It is home to the world’s largest swimming pool. The 3,324 feet (1 km) long pool is set on 19.8 acres and can fit up to 6,000 normal sized pools within it. Developed by Chilean company Crystal Lagoons, water pumped, filtered, and treated from the [...]

Facebook Launches “Camera” App

4:54 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Facebook’s recent 1 BILLION dollar purchase of Instagram was big news a few weeks ago. Everyone wondered a)how could Instagram possibly be worth that much? and b)what does Facebook plan to do with their newly-acquired app? Well, here’s your answer…copy it. Facebook has created a Camera app that seamlessly takes, edits, tags and shares your [...]

App Exposes “Parking Douches”

4:29 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Surrounded by bad parking? Maybe you should move to Russia. A new Android app called Parking Douche is aimed at stopping what its creators call “parking douches in Moscow” by subjecting them to public shame — in the news and on billboards. When users see poor parking, all they have to do is snap a [...]

Virgin Air OKs Cell Phones

6:32 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

In a move that I’m sure will annoy as many people as it pleases, Virgin Atlantic has announced it will allow cell phone use on its flights. The British airline’s new service could be a blessing for business travelers who want to stay connected during eight-hour flights across the ocean. It could also be a [...]

Dude Candles

5:13 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Although candles will help freshen up the home, guys absolutely hate feeling emasculated as we walk through the aisles of the candle shop with all of the housewives sniffing their favorite scents. Apparently someone felt the same way we did, and thus the Yankee Man Candles were born, because let’s face it candles do smell [...]

Starbucks’ Secret Menu

6:00 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

So, it’s Monday and you need something a little bit more “inspiring” to get you going this morning than your regular coffee-flavored coffee? Help is here with this recently-leaked “secret menu” from Starbucks. Compiled by baristas and coffee aficionados, any of these selections can easily be created with a few extra ingredients and squirts of [...]

Can You Survive the Zombie Mall?

6:46 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

UK event specialists have created the ultimate zombie fan’s experience in an abandoned mall in Reading, UK. For around $200, you and a group of survivors have three hours to make your way through your very own Dawn of the Dead. Using Airsoft guns (they shoot tiny pellets and sting like a mother), you’ll [...]

The Boomstick

5:12 pm in Trends by Adam James

Calling all extreme eaters! This 2-foot monster is slathered in grilled onions, chili and cheese — weighing well more than 2 pounds — and will set you back $26. Only available at the stadium of the Texas Rangers, 191 Boomsticks were sold on opening day. This is the BOOMSTICK! A vendor grills onions and a [...]

Google’s “Project Glass”

3:13 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

In February, The New York Times broke the story that Google was developing augmented reality glasses, powered by Android. Today, we get our first look in this “concept video” from Google, themselves. Basically, it will put all the power of Google’s search engine, GPS, email, video chat, etc. right in front of your face whenever [...]

The IKEA Haüs

1:26 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

IKEA has conquered the world of home furnishing with it’s stylish, modern, funny-named, affordable products. It is one of the most recognizable and profitable brands in the world…so where do they go from here? They build a house to hold all your IKEA products. The Activ is a house that is “Swedish inspired, wide open [...]

Future Rides At CIAS 2012

12:54 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

The Canadian International Auto Show is currently running at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre until Feb. 26th and as per usual, the concepts are stealing the spotlight. All the usual suspects like, Corvette, Lamborghini and BMW are debuting their supercars of the future, but the unexpected star of the show has come from Acura. The [...]

A Milli On Your Wrist

12:59 pm in Trends by Adam James

The expression “time is money” just got interesting. After presenting a remarkable limited series of watches, such as the Winter Olympics 2010 watch, famous brand, Richard Mille launches a new and just as interesting edition of 5 watches entitled, RM 56 Felipe Massa SAPPHIRE, each with a price tag of $1.65 Million.

Crazy Jeans

7:02 am in Trends by Adam James

Check out some of the craziest jeans in the world with Naked & Famous Denim’s, Brandon Svarc. More at: GQ

The Ritz…Saudi Style

7:01 am in Trends by Adam James

Here’s the first look inside the ultra-luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located close to the Diplomatic Quarter, and adjacent to the King Abdul Aziz Convention Center, The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh is in the center of a thriving international hub. Designed by Al Rasheed Engineering Company and constructed by Oger International, The Ritz-Carlton, [...]

Lexus LF-LC

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

From concept to reality, the Lexus LF-LC is one hot motherf’er which is why it was announced as the winner of EyesOn Design Award for best concept car at 2012 Detroit Motor Show. There could not be another winner, because the 2012 NAIAS was mostly about proper, production cars, and none of the few concept [...]

Facebook Teams Up With Benz

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Facebook is coming to a new Mercedes-Benz near you. At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, the German car maker revealed that Facebook would be one of the apps in its new Mbrace2 telematics system, which will begin appearing in the company’s SL class vehicles this spring. Mercedes’ edition of Facebook won’t be as robust as [...]

Year of the Dragon

10:00 am in Trends by Adam James

In the run-up to Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon, we’re still seeing major brands debut new dragon-themed collections aimed at tapping the booming China luxury market. Rolls-Royce Designed at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex by the automaker’s bespoke team, Rolls-Royce’s Year of the Dragon collection is, all things [...]

China’s Silver Bullet

6:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Imagine getting across the country on a train that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 500km/h – don’t you think that this is going to be a treat? It would eliminate the hassle of checking in an hour earlier for domestic flights, as well as doing away with those pesky security checkpoints at [...]

Run Faster

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Yeah, it would be sweet to run a 5-minute mile now that the weather’s cooled down. But let’s be serious—you’re not going to give up your FIFA habit to start speed training anytime soon. So we’ve compiled professional advice from five different experts—doctor, Marine, hypnotist, coach and researcher—to find out how even the laziest guy [...]

Google’s Paris HQ

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Last week, Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt returned to Paris to inaugurate their new 10,000-square meter office in a refurbished 19th century Second Empire building near the St. Lazare Train Station with French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. It will be the headquarters for not just France, but the entire Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa operations. [...]

Korea Bringing New Tech

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Here’s a video of a concept for a future device, this time of what appears to be a tablet, from Samsung. It’s fully transparent, it’s flexible and it can translate the babblings of French people into your native language. Take a look at what Samsung thinks your tablet/smartphone might look like and be able to [...]

Nokia & Deadmau5 Take Over London

7:17 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

On November 28th, Nokia debuted its newest Windows smartphone, the Lumia 800 with a takeover of the 118 metre (387 feet) tall Millbank Building in London, UK. Nokia used some of the most advanced 4D technology to turn the building into the world’s biggest Tetris game (among other funky tricks). And providing the tunes, none [...]

Name Your Jet

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Have you ever wanted to just get away with your closest 145 friends on a jumbo jet that has your name on it? Now you can. In a Cyber Monday deal sure to raise some eyebrows, Richard Branson’s Virgin America is offering a deal on deals site Gilt City to take a round-trip flight for [...]


7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Another top-flight feat makes aviation history. After crossing the Channel, flying alongside two Boeing Stearman biplanes carrying the Breitling Wingwalkers, looping the loop around a hot-air balloon and hurtling across the sky over the Grand Canyon, Yves “Jetman” Rossy has shifted up yet another gear with a formation flight alongside two jets from the Breitling [...]

Kingdom Tower

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

Meet the Kingdom Tower, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This new tower is prepared to bump the Burj Dubai from its sky-high ranking as the world’s tallest building. The Kingdom Tower will surpass the Burj by over 560 feet — rising to a record 3,281 feet tall.

A Tablet for Everyone!

12:04 pm in Trends by Adam James

A Montreal based tech company ‘Datawind’, are releasing a competitively priced tablet, that includes some very impressive features including: - HQ web, anywhere, anytime. - Wifi or GPRS connectivity - Embedded modem to allow dongle free Internet access everywhere - HD playback - 150,000 apps - Expandable Memory - Datawind’s patented acceleration technology - and [...]

Best Burger in T.O

7:00 am in Trends by Adam James

The best burgers in Toronto follow one simple rule. Use the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible, and never, ever overcook them. The fight for burger supremacy in Toronto might be the city’s single most competitive culinary battle. The burger is so ubiquitous in our fair city that it’s quite possible it’s available in more places [...]

Introducing the Tesla Model S

10:27 pm in Trends by Oreon Mounter

Just in time for Christmas, Tesla has officially unveiled the Model S, which can seat up to five adults and two children and can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. The Model S will be the world’s first mass produced electric vehicle. It has a range of 300 miles and only takes [...]

The Apple Superyacht

7:57 am in Trends by Oreon Mounter

Mentioned in the New York Times from Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Steve Jobs, which was released last Monday, the late Apple leader was working on creating his very own Feadship superyacht. Jobs didn’t like the normal yacht designs so he decide to design it himself, not a surprise, creating a super luxurious yacht to [...]

Nike Air Hangar

10:39 am in Trends by Oreon Mounter

Tour the Nike Air Hangar, a 40000-square-foot facility located at the suburban Hillsboro Airport, outside of Portland, Oregon. Privately owned by Nike, Inc., it houses three Gulfstream G5 jets for executive business travel. The Hangar provides amenities for travelers and pilots such as a lounge, exercise facilities, executive suites, meeting space, and a gourmet kitchen. [...]

MW3 – Biggest entertainment launch ever.

3:53 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

The most anticipated game of 2011, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released worldwide on Tuesday. And you could say it did pretty well. In fact, it made $400 million dollars in 24 hours. To put that in perspective, Avatar (the most successful movie of all time) took about 2 weeks to make that [...]

The Near Future According to Microsoft

4:25 pm in Trends by Oreon Mounter

Microsoft has laid out its vision for the next few years, and it’s a visual feast for techies and futurists. The dialogue-less video follows a woman taking a business trip, her daughter doing homework and a man in Hong Kong taking the subway to work all against the backdrop of a pulsing electronica soundtrack. Spoiler [...]

Reservation? Sign here…and here…

11:55 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

A newly-opened “conceptual” restaurant in Washington, DC has some pretty strict policies when it comes to making a reservation. Actually, applying for a mortgage is easier than getting a table at this place. Located in the middle of an alleyway, Rogue24 only serves 16 and 24-course tasting menus with the latter going for $175 USD [...]

Fashion’s Addiction to Coke

2:18 pm in Trends by Oreon Mounter

FACT: The fashion industry is addicted to coke. The drink, not the nose candy (although the latter may also be true…). Chanel head an all-around creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld, has once again conjoined his fashionable name with the powerful brand that is Coca-Cola. The world-renowned designer has created three new and exclusive designs for the [...]

The First Zombie-Proof House

7:03 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

In an attempt to build the first 100% secure home (and probably exploit people’s paranoia), KMK PROMES has built the world’s first zombie-proof home. OK, that’s not actually what it was designed for, but seriously, it’ll come in handy. But, this isn’t some kind of underground concrete bunker. It’s an ultra-modern fortress with moveable walls, [...]

PBR is a Chinese Delicacy

9:08 am in Trends by Jason Baskey

Believe it or not, Pabst Blue Ribbon, the preferred beverage of American trailer park residents and frugal, bearded hipsters, is being marketed in China as a premium product. One bottle of “Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1884″ will run you $44 USD in China (compared to about $2 a can in North America). A quote from [...]

Nintendo Changes The Game

12:45 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Earlier this month, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was held in LA. E3 is the largest electronics show in North America and is always guaranteed to feature some big announcements from the biggest names in electronics. This year, Nintendo maintained its reputation as an industry innovator by unveiling the Wii U. The Wii U is [...]

Google’s Laptop…with no memory?

7:58 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Google is about to throw its massively powerful hat into the ring of computer hardware on June 15th with the release of Chromebook. What sets the Chromebook apart from its PC and Mac counterparts? It comes with absolutely no memory. That’s right, the entire harddrive is cloud-based. Meaning, all of your files, programs, etc. will [...]

The Top 15 Android Phones

8:34 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

If you haven’t kept up with the mobile market, we’ve got news for you…Google’s mobile OS is kicking ass. The Android phones are definitely giving the Blackberry and iPhone and run for their money. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, here’s Complex’s Top 15 Android phones. Full Story at:

2020 Maserati Concept Car

8:16 pm in Trends by Jason Baskey

Jaime Cervantes, Andrea Coccia, and Chetan Rajput, a trio of students from the Transportation Design at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, have come up with a design study that is fit to wear the Maserati crown. This concept was sponsored by Fiat, so the GT Garbin will use the same 4.7 liter V8 engine [...]
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