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Grammy Highlights

9:19 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

This year’s Grammy’s were the best produced we’ve seen in a long time. Here are a few of the top performances. Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams & Stevie Wonder Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Beyonce & Jay Z performing Taylor Swift P!nk & Nate Reuss

The Lonely Island at Spring Break

1:31 am in Music by Jason Baskey

The Lonely Island return with “The Wack Album” on June 11th and until then, they’re dropping a new video every Wednesday and calling it “Wack Wednesdays”. The first track has to be one of the most epic examples of trolling ever put to film. The boys went to spring break and got the crowds to go wild for their video…which was secretly about dudes getting married.

Beyoncé vs Beyoncé vs Beyoncé

1:08 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Beginning with her dynamite Superbowl performance, Mrs. Carter has made it clear that she’s definitely planning to take over 2013. Today, she dropped her new spot for Pepsi where she battles herself…and it’s pretty epic. The commercial features a new track called “Grown Woman”, which is due to be released on Monday. It definitely sounds [...]

The Gangnam Style Sequel

7:30 am in Music by Jason Baskey

After “Gangnam Style” dominated the world last year (it now has over 1 BILLION YouTube views), Psy and his Korean fans are pushing for “Right Now” to be his next breakout hit in the U.S. The track is also off his album PSYFIVE, but was actually released 2 years before “Gangnam Style”. What do you guys think?

DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop 2012

9:31 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

The annual mashup has arrived with the theme of ‘Shine Brighter’ DJ Earworm’s collection features 25 of the biggest U.S. hits from 2012—including Gotye and Kimbra’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” Nicki Minaj’s “Starships,” fun.’s “We Are Young,” and Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.”

Song list (not in order):

Gotye and Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know
Fun. – Some Nights
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
Maroon 5 – One More Night
Fun. and Janelle Monáe – We Are Young
Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa – Payphone
Ellie Goulding – Lights
Rihanna – Diamonds
Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven
Ke$Ha – Die Young
Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Flo Rida – Good Feeling
Nicki Minaj – Starships
The Wanted – Glad You Came
Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
Lumineers – Ho Hey
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
Flo Rida and Sia – Wild Ones
Phillip Phillips – Home
Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
Katy Perry – Wide Awake
Alex Clare – Too Close
PSY – Gangnam Style
Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Flo Rida – Whistle

Jay-Z’s Mini Documentary

5:47 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Jay-Z just released a rare behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. “Where I’m From” follows Jay as he prepares for his epic 8-show series at the brand new Barclay’s Center in his hometown of Brooklyn. The film is on YouTube in its entirety and shows a glimpse into the mind of a master.
And skip to 19:20 to see Jigga chat with an old lady on the subway.

Snoop’s Hot Pockets Jam

3:01 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Maybe he’s worried that switching to reggae isn’t going to keep the millions rolling in? For whatever reason, Snoop Dogg just released a video praising the snack that he reaches for “when his munchies get an attitude”. “Pocket Like It’s Hot” parodies Snoop’s massive hit, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and…you know what, I can even say anything about this. Just watch it and have your mind blown. Snoop’s not alone, though. Check out some other epic hip-hop / weird product collaborations.

Method Man for Sour Patch Kids

Dr. Dre for Dr. Pepper

MC Hammer for Taco Bell (pretty hilarious ad, though)

Run DMC for Gap

Memphis Bleek for Garnier Fruictus (Jay-Z must’ve stopped paying his rent)

Foo Fighters Split

6:07 am in Music by Jason Baskey

If you’re a Foo Fighters fan, Dave Grohl has confirmed the worst of news: The band is taking a serious hiatus. Rumors started flying after Grohl told the crowd at Saturday’s Global Citizen Festival that he didn’t know when the band was “going to do it again.”

Here’s Dave’s full statement on the “hiatus”:

Hey everyone…
Dave here. Just wanted to write and thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for another incredible year. (Our 18th, to be exact!) We truly never could have done any of this without you…
Never in my wildest dreams did I think Foo Fighters would make it this far. I never thought we COULD make it this far, to be honest. There were times when I didn’t think the band would survive. There were times when I wanted to give up. But… I can’t give up this band. And I never will. Because it’s not just a band to me. It’s my life. It’s my family. It’s my world.
Yes… I was serious. I’m not sure when the Foo Fighters are going to play again. It feels strange to say that, but it’s a good thing for all of us to go away for a while. It’s one of the reasons we’re still here. Make sense? I never want to NOT be in this band. So, sometimes it’s good to just… put it back in the garage for a while…
But, no gold watches or vacations just yet… I’ll be focusing all of my energy on finishing up my Sound City documentary film and album for worldwide release in the very near future. A year in the making, it could be the biggest, most important project I’ve ever worked on. Get ready… it’s coming.
Me, Taylor, Nate, Pat, Chris, and Rami… I’m sure we’ll all see you out there… somewhere…
Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Source: Huffington Post

Adele’s 007 Theme

12:32 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

After about a year of rumours, multi-Grammy winning Adele confirmed yesterday that she has recorded the newest 007 theme for Skyfall. Only hours after the announcement, clips of the track “Let The Sky Fall” started hitting the web. Have a listen. How do you think it stacks up to some of Bond’s other official jams?

Mumford & Sons Outsells Biebs

4:54 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Folk rock group, Mumford & Sons is heading for a massive week. The rock quartet’s new album “Babel” is on course to sell as much as 600,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, Sept. 30 — so say industry sources. The album, released on Sept. 25, will easily debut atop the Billboard 200 next week, giving the band its first chart-topper.

“Babel’s” forecasted sales should give the band the biggest debut week this year, far surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Believe” launch with 374,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The success of Babel is only surprising if you haven’t been paying attention. Mumford & Sons’ debut, “Sigh No More”, was a classic slow-burn hit, and gradually sold 2.5 million copies since it was released in 2010. While they do have some chart hits – their current single “I Will Wait” peaked at Number 23 on the Hot 100 in August – they have mainly built their audience through relentless touring and word-of-mouth.

Check them out!


LMFAO Splits

5:08 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Put down your glowsticks, kids. The party is over… Well, at least the party rocking. After six years together Redfoo and SkyBlu are taking a break from their techno-pop group LMFAO. Redfoo announced the split, saying that the two will be going their separate ways and pursuing their own individual interests.

“I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, five or six years. And we’re kind of like saying, well, let’s just do what’s natural and just kind of explore that, instead of like forcing it all the time,” Redfoo explains in a new interview. ”I think that we naturally just started hanging with two different sets of people, two different crowds, but we’re always family,” he said. “He’ll always be my nephew, I’ll always be his uncle.”

A few months ago, reports had surfaced that the duo had begun feuding over the millions they had made from hits such as “Sexy and I Know It” and “Party Rock Anthem.” The pair hadn’t been making many appearances together and even at that time, Redfoo seemed to be ready to move on.


Kanye’s Cruel Summer Leaks

2:16 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

The album is not due to be released until next Monday but has already surfaced online with many fans illegally downloading it. Cruel Summer features 12 tracks with guest appearances from the likes of Jay-Z, R. Kelly, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor and Big Sean, along with all the acts signed to West’s G.O.O.D. Music record label.

On Twitter, excited fans gave their verdict with IBlameLeezy saying: ‘I give cruel summer a 5 star rating! Just listened to the whole album. DBarfield7 said: ‘The best songs have definitely already been released… no hidden gems! Except for #TheOne #CruelSummer Still a top album nonetheless!’ Shaayz added: ‘Cruel Summer is nice. G.O.O.D. Music never disappoints.’ But ImNotForReal wasn’t so impressed saying: ‘Cruel Summer is alright, not spectacular like woooo but alright like.’ CEREALBRO posted: ‘Hearing new god flow made me believe Cruel Summer was going to epic but the whole album is trash.’ While joeGrimes_ wrote: ‘Cruel Summer isn’t great. Few good songs.’

Have a listen to some samples below…what’s your verdict?

Source: Metro UK

Green Day Kill The DJ

5:47 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Check out Green Day’s latest video from their upcoming three-album trilogy, “Uno, Dos, Tre!”. I’m not sure if “Kill The DJ” is supposed to be some kind of insult to the rising popularity of dance music in the mainstream, or what’s going on here. Either way, there’s motorbikes, ravers, bottle smashing, blood and some old-fashioned rock. Maybe the world just needs a little Green Day, right now…

Linkin Park’s Video Feat. YOU!

11:46 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Linkin Park’s latest video, “Lost In The Echo” uses the newest HTML5 web technology to feature a special guest star…you. A group of post-apocalyptic survivors hand out photographs as they search for their missing friends and family. And once you connect your Facebook account to the video, the pictures will be of YOUR friends and family. Pretty damn cool. Unless all your Facebook photos are Instagram food pics and LOL Cats…actually, that would be even better.

Go to to try it out!

Spike Lee’s MJ Movie

5:31 am in Music by Jason Baskey

This year at TIFF, Spike Lee will premiere his documentary, Bad 25, which chronicles the making of one of the biggest pop albums of all time, Michael Jackson’s Bad. The project features interviews from Martin Scorsese, director of the “Bad” music video, as well with tons of other crew members, and even outsiders like Kanye West, Questlove, Sheryl Crow (back-up singer on the Bad tour), Cee-Lo Green and Mariah Carey. Having access to Jackson’s vault, Lee should be able to create something with a bit more depth than the concert doc This Is It. Check out this clip with “The Way You Make Me Feel” director, Joe Pykta and be sure to catch Bad 25 at TIFF!

The Toronto International Film Festival starts September 6th.

Deadmau5 Leaks New Album

2:39 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Following his epic set at this past weekend’s VELD Fest, the Canadian crown prince of dance music has announced full details of his 4th full-length studio album, entitled “>Album Title Goes Here

Aaliyah Returns, Weezy Quits

2:02 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

A week after Snoop Dogg had an “epiphany” and changed his name to Snoop Lion to do reggae with Major Lazer, the hip-hop/R&B world got hit with two more pieces of big news: there may be a new Aaliyah album on the way…and Lil Wayne is bored with rap.

Rumor has it that a whole album’s worth of unused Aaliyah vocal tracks have been sitting around since her death in 2001 and they may be released later this year. Drake is executive producing the album, with beats by Noah “40″ Shebib and Aaliyah’s longtime collaborator, Timbaland. A preview of the first track hit the web a few days ago…what do you guys think?

Apparently his broken clavicle and numerous stitches haven’t put a damper on Lil Wayne’s enthusiasm for skateboarding. Although the rapper’s latest mix tape, “Dedication 4,” drops Aug. 15, last week in an interview with Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9, Wayne said he’s going to be taking a hiatus from his music career to focus his full attention on skateboarding.

“I’m always looking for the next thing to do. It does get pretty boring when it comes to just the rapping and all that type of stuff,” he said.

It might seem like Weezy’s been into the Sizzurp again, but after 9 albums, 17 mix tapes and over a hundred guest appearances…maybe he’s earned a break?

The 90′s Revival Has Begun

12:55 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

The day has come. 90′s music is officially considered “classic” and the revival has begun. With recent reunions/revitalizations of 90′s groups Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Garbage and Green Day, the mosh pits are forming once again. Check out some of the latest offerings from these “classic rockers”. And if you don’t believe me that the 90′s are back…get a load of ATB dropping “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival…people lost their minds!

No Doubt’s first video in 10 years, “Settle Down”. Gwen Stefani hasn’t aged a day.

Green Day’s new track, “Oh Love” (official video coming soon)

Garbage reunites with “Blood For Poppies”

Billy Corgan is the only original Pumpkins member left, but the sound is still intact.

The Funniest Misheard Lyrics

4:21 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Nothing’s worse than loving a song and singing it aloud around your friends for years…and then having one of them pull you aside and tell you you’ve been singing the lyrics all wrong. But, thanks to this collection of hilariously misheard lyrics, you can convince them you were just being hysterical on purpose. Pearl Jam [...]

Muse’s Official Olympics Theme

4:50 am in Music by Jason Baskey

The London Olympics will adopt Muse’s new song “Survival” as the official track of this year’s Games. The song will play during sporting sessions, as athletes enter stadiums and for the lead-ups to medal ceremonies. “It’s a huge honor to have the track chosen as such a major part of the London 2012 Olympic Games,” [...]

The Royal Few DJs

4:26 am in Music by TRF Concierge

Road trip season is here and what better way to pass the time on the highway than with a sweet mix by a fellow member of TRF! Our resident DJs, Scammer, Jeff Button and Kill Screen have the genres covered, so whatever your mood is, they’ve got what you need. Name: Scammer Genre: House / [...]

50 Cent Does Home Shopping

5:11 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Sometimes a rapper’s gotta do what a rapper’s gotta do to maintain his Forbes list status. Days after he made a concerted effort to patch things up with Oprah, 50 Cent paused his boxing career and continued to make nice with the daytime television crowd Tuesday on QVC, where he hawked his SYNC and STREET [...]

The 30 Richest DJs

4:04 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Who are the richest DJs in the world? In terms of getting money, glory and girls, a lot of people probably wish they were a professional athlete like Tom Brady or Derek Jeter. But think about it, the richest DJs in the world fly around in private jets to exotic nightclubs where they get paid [...]

Coldplay + Rihanna’s New Video

4:27 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Coldplay and Rihanna doesn’t seem like the most logical combination…but it works. In “Princess of China”, Chris Martin, dressed as a stealthy ninja, goes head-to-head against Rihanna’s own “gangsta goth geisha.” The Coldplay frontman and RiRi do a few ninja kicks and throw in some sword-wielding for good measure. After watching this, I’d have to [...]

Scientists Create Most Chill Song Ever

4:01 am in Music by Jason Baskey

A British band and a group of scientists have made the most relaxing tune in history. Sound therapists and Manchester band Marconi Union compiled the song. Scientists played it to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay. “Weightless” works by using specific [...]

Kanye’s 7-Screen Film

6:37 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Kanye West will premiere a short art film entitled Cruel Summer at the Cannes Film Festival next week. The film, which is inspired by his G.O.O.D Music compilation Cruel Summer, will show on May 23 on Palm Beach in the south of France. Created by Kanye West’s design organization DONDA, the rapper promises, “a fusion [...]

Nelly Returns

4:40 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Nelly Furtado returns with her first English-language album in 6 years with The Spirit Indestructible on June 19th. Her first single is “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” and is definitely a return to the Timbaland-esque sound that took her from Lilith Fair to the clubs. What do you guys think of Nelly’s latest?


3:38 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Founding member of Beastie Boys, Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away last Friday, at the age of 47. He was known as a hip-hop and punk pioneer, an outspoken activist and an all-around nice guy. Since his passing, the internet has been flooded with thoughts and tributes from fans and artists alike. As well, lots of [...]

Rihanna – Where Have You Been

4:44 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Rihanna continues her streak of excellent videos from her latest album, “Talk That Talk” with the video for “Where Have You Been”. The video is definitely a trip to watch, especially the last minute or so.

Lil Kanye’s Got Swag

6:18 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Kanye West superfan/music video director, Ashley Smith presents her take on Ye’s latest with her unofficial video for “Way Too Cold”. I dig the lil Kanye, the girl, the 5th Avenue strut…but what’s up with the big head celebrities? Must be a metaphor for something, or something…I dunno. I wonder if Kanye has seen this [...]

The World’s Best Beatboxer?

7:31 am in Music by Adam James

Eklips, also called “The Beatbox Show Master” is an artist from Paris who started human beatboxing over twenty years ago and who has re-defined the beatbox with his incredible talent. He has in fact, mastered this art like no one before. He is brings his incredible energy and showmanship to every performance. Over the past [...]

Tupac Lives! (sort of)

1:00 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Last night, to close out the first weekend of Coachella, Dre and Snoop welcomed a special guest to the stage. Tupac…in hologram form. Tupac has not performed on stage in 15 years due to the considerable handicap of being dead. But thanks to a 3D hologram, he’s back. This looks incredible. Skim to 2:40 for [...]

Festival Season is Here

6:39 am in Music by Jason Baskey

This weekend marks the unofficial start to the 2012 music festival season. Festivals around the world keep getting bigger and more diverse and this year is bound to set some high standards. Check out our guide to the best of the best. And if you’ve never done a real, multi-day festival, we highly recommend it. [...]

No Axl Rose in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

1:07 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

It’s official: Axl Rose will be not be attending this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “I respectfully decline my induction as a member of Guns N’ Roses to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” Rose wrote in a long letter obtained by the L.A. Times. “I strongly request that I [...]

Drake Drops 2 New Vids

6:46 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

It’s been way too long since Drake’s last video for “Headlines” was released, so Drizzy decided to make good and release TWO videos on the same day. He’s definitely stepping his game up with both of these videos.

Deadmau5 Vs. Madonna

6:05 am in Music by Jason Baskey

At last week’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Madonna made a surprise appearance and introduced headliner, Avicii. She capped off her intro by asking the crowd, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?”. Molly, being slang for MDMA, MDMA being the active ingredient in Ecstasy, Ecstasy being a drug that would cause Madonna’s [...]

Holy Ship’s Maiden Voyage

12:13 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Legendary L.A. promoters, HARD took the party to the high seas this January with the maiden voyage of the Holy Ship! For 4 days on the Caribbean Sea, this boat hosted some of the best electronic producers and DJs for a non-stop, 24-7 party. Fatboy Slim, Skrillex, A-Trak, Rusko, Laidback Luke, Diplo, Tommy Lee, Boys [...]

Watch The Throne (Carefully)

2:03 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

After months of dominating the airwaves and killing it live (sometimes 3-5 times), Jay-Z and Kanye have finally released the official video for “N***as In Paris”. It’s only a live concert video, but the presentation is absolutely…cray. It even comes with a warning for epileptics. So, if you’re prone to seizures, sit this one out. [...]

M.I.A. Returns

12:54 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

While not as catchy as “Paper Planes” (she may never top that one), M.I.A. has returned with what is sure to be the next anthem for the ladies. The video for “Bad Girls” premiered on YouTube two days ago and has already amassed more than 1 Million views! The clip features the underground Saudi drifting [...]

Astro Signs With Epic

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

Astro, the 15-year-old Brooklyn rapper who made waves on The X Factor and clashed with Simon Cowell, has landed his first record deal with Epic Records. As a contestant on the popular singing competition series, Astro, a BET Music Matters alum, made it to the top 10 and was known for his passionate and defiant [...]

MC Ovechkin

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

Washington Capital’s forward Alexander Ovechkin (one of the world’s greatest hockey players) is in some crazy Russian Rap Video and personally I find it hilarious!!! However, he is having a pretty bad season by his standards… maybe he should concentrate on practicing harder! Or maybe that’s why he branching out into the rap world, as [...]


3:31 pm in Music by Adam James

We can all thank Sherri for this heads up. Follow DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method as they remix, recreate and re-imagine five traditional styles of music. From the classical perfection of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra to the bayou jams of New Orleans jazz, our five distinctive DJs collaborate with [...]

“Glory” (Feat. Blue Ivy Carter)

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

Today Jay-Z released “Glory,” a song for his newborn baby, Blue Ivy Carter. In the song he reveals that he and Beyoncé had previously had a miscarriage, and he expresses how scared they were waiting for Blue Ivy to be born. She’s apparently “a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B.” Glory – Jay-Z [...]

Mr. 305 Gets “Cray” In Paris

7:00 am in Music by Mike Gallant

Now…I’ve recently discovered the Latin community in the past couple of years…and here’s what I’ve learned about their culture: Univision is better than ABC, soccer is bigger than Moon landings, and Pitbull reigns supreme with the chiquitas. I’ll give the shades-wearing, side-mouthed Cuban rapper all the credit he deserves. It takes balls to be the [...]

10 Artists To Watch in 2012

7:05 am in Music by Jason Baskey

2011 was a big year for music evolution. Genres were blended like never before. House producers went Pop, R’n'B went underground, dirty garage rock re-emerged, Hip-Hop embraced its dark side and Dubstep brought headbangers to the dance floor. 2012 is guaranteed to bring us some of the most unique artists and collaborations in years. Here’s [...]

AWOLNation’s Holiday Gift

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

AWOLNation has released a free six-song holiday digital EP, according to Alternative Addiction. The EP features the previously unreleased track “Silent Nation,” a song called “MF” which only appeared on the band’s 2010 Back From Earth EP, a live version of the hit single “Sail” and other concert cuts. More at: The Edge

United State of Pop 2011 – World Go Boom

9:05 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

DJ Earworm does it again with his latest mashup United State of Pop 2011. Earworm takes the top 25 songs of 2011 and cuts them into one cohevise song. The song selection is below as well as the lyrics to World Go Boom. A mashup of the 25 biggest hits during 2011 in the U.S. [...]

Swedish House Mafia @ MSG

12:48 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

“We said it as a joke,” says Sebastian Ingrosso. “‘We should play Madison Square Garden, ha ha.’” “Somebody must have been drunk . . . the one that booked it,” adds bandmate Axwell. This past weekend in NYC, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello, better known as Swedish House Mafia, threw the biggest party in [...]

2011′s Best Music Videos

6:50 am in Music by Jason Baskey

2011 was a great year for music videos. The concepts were better, mainstream artists pushed boundaries, and the record industry finally realized that most people watch videos on the internet, and made them that more accessible. Our list of 2011′s best videos has a bit of everything. Pop, hip-hop, rock and dance videos all stepped [...]

WTT Behind Scenes

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

Kanye West has been compiling short films that show the different aspects of his and Jay-z’s Watch The Throne Tour. This is the first time the duo has combined efforts to release an album collectively. With Kanye from Chi-town and Jay-Z from BK (Brooklyn, NYC), the two artists bring different flavours of Hip Hop. Their [...]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

Guns N’ Roses, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donovan and the Beastie Boys will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The big names in this year’s class are Guns N’ Roses, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys. All three acts rose to fame in the 1980s. The Beastie [...]

Astro Joins Roc-a-Fella Family

11:41 am in Music by Adam James

Don’t be feeling sorry for teenage rap dynamo Astro, who was voted off ‘X Factor‘ straightaway last night for having the lowest amount of votes from the viewing audience. The kid has reportedly signed to Jay-Z‘s Roc-Nation label already. Uh, can we just point out that every week, in our stellar and informative recaps, we’ve [...]

The Black Keys Return to Save Rock

6:46 am in Music by Jason Baskey

Pop quiz, hot shot…name the three biggest rock bands in the world, right now WITHOUT mentioning U2, Coldplay or Maroon 5. You probably said The Black Keys. In the Top 40-dominated world of radio, The Keys are a ray of hope to those of us who like our beer cold, our guitars distorted and our [...]

Band Breakthroughs

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

1. Ok, Go – YouTube It was YouTube that truly put this band on the map. Their creative viral videos for the songs “Here It Goes Again” and “This Too Shall Pass” were a true win, making them a household name and scoring them over 40,000,000 views on YouTube. 2. Death Cab For Cutie – [...]

Asher Roth with Def Jam

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

Over the weekend, thanks to a tweet by Senior Vice President of Island Def Jam Shawn “Pecas” Costner, news broke that Asher Roth had signed to the storied label. This morning, Asher spoke with XXL to explain some of the details behind the move. “We understand that Def Jam is ready to compete in a [...]

Why all the Hate for NB?

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

We never thought we’d say this, but score one for Nickelback. The BC-based bro-rock quartet just teamed up with comedy website Funny or Die to tackle all the hate the band’s received of late regarding their upcoming halftime performance at this Thursday’s (November 24) Detroit Lions/Green Bay Packers game. The clip finds a fictional exec [...]

Dubstep 101

10:30 am in Music by Jason Baskey

There were rumblings in 2010. In 2011, it started to break through to the mainstream. And in 2012, Dubstep will probably be on your mom’s iPod. The latest music phenomenon to take over sound systems everywhere was born (like most good music) in the underground clubs of the UK. Dubstep is a combination of hip-hop, [...]

American Music Awards

7:00 am in Music by Adam James

For a country that has over 300 million people and shows like American Idol, X-factor, and America’s Got Talent you would think there would be an equal amount of awards to award winners. Adele, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj were all multiple winners, which isn’t a out of the regular. I think they should establish [...]

Hans Zim-Zimma!

8:45 am in Music by Adam James

Hans Zimmer, the man behind some of the best film scores, reveals his incredible studio. If you have never heard of Hans Zimmer before you should probably crawl back under your rock. His name might not be as recognizable as his soundtracks from movies like ‘Gladiator’ and ‘The Dark Knight’. What about the Hollywood classic [...]

Heavy D dead at 44

11:03 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

ROTUND RAP legend Heavy D died Tuesday after collapsing in his California home. He was 44. The Westchester County-raised entertainer was taken by ambulance to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles about 11:25 a.m. and died 90 minutes later, cops told the Daily News. Heavy D was conscious and talking when officers responded to [...]

Drake’s “Take Care” Leaks

12:27 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

The hugely anticipated sophomore album from Drake has leaked just over a week before its official release date — and the Canadian rap sensation is telling his fans to enjoy it. Songs from Take Care, set to be released Nov. 15, became available Sunday night while Drake was on Toronto’s Flow 93.5. Hip-hop lovers were [...]

Auto-Tune Done Right?

8:02 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

T-Pain has dropped his video for the Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen-assisted track ’5 O’Clock’ directed by Hype Williams’ nephew Erik White. The video’s story is a literal interpretation of the track, T-Pain getting a text strolling on home as his girlfriend awaits. We thought Wiz’s verse came out of nowhere in the track, but [...]

How Deadmau5—a.k.a. DJ Joel Zimmerman—came to make $100,000 a show and have four million Facebook fans

11:26 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

A steady August downpour drenched Chicago’s Grant Park on the final night of the Lollapalooza music festival. The rain and the force of thousands of feet had turned the park into a swampy field of splattering mud. The show should have been a flop; instead, it became a frenzied dance party, like Woodstock on methamphetamines. [...]

Do You Have Bieber Fever Yet?

9:28 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

Bieber takes “Otis” to the next level on Power106 FM. I have to admit I have overlooked his talent until I finally saw Never Say Never. After seeing Justin play guitar and the drums like a pro while others his age were learning to walk really brought me around on his talent. Are you a [...]

Beyoncé – Countdown

8:09 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

In an effort to once again win video of the year Beyonce outdoes herself in her most recent hit Countdown. Beyoncé has just delivered a one-woman workshop on how to make a timeless music video. Five months pregnant and fully clothed. Blending influences as disparate as Charlie Chaplin and Fame, the Adria Petty-directed extravaganza is [...]

Sophia Grace VS Nicki Minaj

5:14 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

We know it was only a matter of time. We were all surprised when we saw Sophia Grace and Rosie’s performance of Super Bass on YouTube (see below). Ellen brings them together to meet their idol, Nicki Minaj and even perform a duet. Original Video:

VMAs Mashup & Results

8:10 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Adele all won multiple Moon Men at the MTV 2011 Video Music Awards. Perry’s “Firework” won for Video of the Year, and she also took home a trophy with Kanye West for Best Collaboration for their sci-fi fantasia “E.T.” Perry harkened back to a previous VMAs show in her acceptance [...]

Deadmau5 Kicks Off N.A. Tour

6:00 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Canadian super-producer/DJ, Deadmau5 kicked off his 2011 North American Tour like a bo55, this past weekend at Lollapalooza in Chicago. His “Meowington’s Hax Tour” (named after his cat) is definitely the biggest thing the Mau5 has ever done and is a landmark event for electronic music, which is usually reserved for the clubs. Deadmau5 will [...]

Cee Lo’s New Vid w/ Steve Urkel?!

1:47 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Remember on Family Matters when Steve Urkel, in a desperate attempt to snag Laura Winslow, invented that potion that turned him from a cheese-loving nerd to the suave, smooth-talking “Stephan Urkelle”? Yeah, of course you do. Well, TGIF is long gone, but Monsieur Urkelle is back and as pimp as ever in Cee Lo Green’s [...]

Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had

12:22 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

Babyface, who wrote “Best Thing I Never Had,” on “4″, shared his thoughts on Beyoncé’s legacy: “What is the definition of perfection… or the closest thing to it? Beyoncé. Icons are made. Stars are born. From the moment Beyoncé took her first breath, her star was shining. What an honor it is for me to [...]

G.O.O.D. Music Goes H.A.M.

5:10 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

The annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas is always one of the highlights of the year for hardcore music fans. The festival is an eclectic mix of indie up-and-comers and larger-than-life artists. You never know who is gonna show up. This year, Kanye dropped by. And he brought Mos Def…and Kid Cudi…and Common…and John Legend…and [...]

MJ’s Jacket Sells For Big Bucks

9:19 am in Music by Jason Baskey

On the 2-year anniversary of his death, Michael Jackson’s iconic black-and-red jacket from the “Thriller” video has sold at auction. For $1,800,000. Milton Verret, a commodities trader from Austin, TX purchased the jacket and added it to his impressive collection, which includes another jacket of MJ’s and several guitars signed by U2. When asked about [...]

R&B’s Next Big Thing?

9:04 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

Next to maybe, Odd Future, Toronto natives The Weeknd are probably the most hyped new artist of 2011. The group has maintained a very mysterious vibe since the release of their premiere mixtape, “House of Balloons” in March. Since then, The Weeknd’s lo-fi, underground R&B sound has been the talk of the blogosphere. Also, having [...]

Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory

7:56 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

Right after Lady Gaga’s latest video premiered on the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, “The Edge of Glory” appeared Thursday night, exclusively on Vevo. Gaga says the song is about “Your last moment on earth, the moment of truth.” Take that however you wish, but there’s no one else who can take [...]

Best Track of the Summer?

7:08 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

Nothing better than a killer summer track. So far for me, the front runner is Give Me Everything by Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer. One of the only tracks I don’t mind getting over played on the radio. Also everytime we are out, it’s easily a crowd favourite. What’s your track of the summer [...]

Do Some Good. Get Some Awesome.

12:35 am in Music by Oreon Mounter

Molson Canadian has created the ultimate win win. This summer take part in the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project and do some good by volunteering and get a free ticket to all the biggest Canadian music festivals. This way you can feel good while you raise a pint at the best festivals across the country. [...]

Drake Drops Track From 2nd LP

7:00 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

One of our favourite music blogs,, just debuted the first track from Drake’s highly anticipated sophomore LP, “Take Care”. “Dreams Money Can Buy” features slick production and some personal, honest lyrics from Toronto’s crown prince of hip-hop. Listen to “Dreams Money Can Buy” at:

Beastie Boys’ Star-Studded Video

5:26 pm in Music by Jason Baskey

After a 7-year hiatus, Beastie Boys are back and they’ve brought a bunch of friends! This might be the most cameos in a video ever. Can you spot them all?

Lady Gaga Trumps Oprah for #1

3:41 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

The Queen Monster’s $90 million in earnings and mastery of social media pushed her past perennial winner Oprah Winfrey. Not that Oprah’s doing badly. full story:

Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls)

3:26 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

Beyoncé drops an epic video for her new ladies anthem. Is it just us, or does this look a bit like her husband’s video for “Run This Town”? Jus’ sayin…

‘Runaway’ debut

3:01 pm in Music by Oreon Mounter

Kanye West debuted his short film ‘Runaway’ simultaneously on Saturday (Oct. 23rd), on BET, MTV, and MTV2. ‘Runaway’ was about a Phoenix (played by Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks) who falls to earth and is found by Kanye, who takes her home and falls in love with her. Their relationship tangles when the Phoenix realizes [...]
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