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$3 Million Kimye Photos

12:30 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

We’ve only known about the Kim Kardashian/Kanye pregnancy for about a week now, but the tabloids are already clamoring to get the first baby photos of “Kimye” (forgive me for using that term). One source tells TMZ that the couple have been offered a ridiculous $3 Million to sell the first pics to an overseas tabloid. Actually, that amount seems less ridiculous when you consider that Angelina and Brad got $14 Million for pics of their twins.

Hold out for that big pay day…and don’t let Kris Jenner near that kid!

Personally, I think this dude photobombing Kim and Kanye’s new years picture is worth a fortune. My new hero.

GQ’s Men of 2012

5:13 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

GQ Magazine has released its yearly list of the most accomplished, stylish and all-around kickass dudes with their Men of the Year 2012 edition. The list is stacked with your idols. Rounding it out are: Quentin Tarantino and the cast of his upcoming, Django Unchained, R&B breakthrough, Frank Ocean, Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum, who’d-have-thought-he’d-be-an-awesome-director, Ben Affleck and America’s funnyman (and host of this year’s Oscars), Seth MacFarlane.

Check out the great photo spread and full story over at:

People’s Sexiest Man Alive

6:24 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Ryan Gosling fans are probably preparing to march on the offices of People Magazine, because they just named Channing Tatum “The Sexiest Man Alive”. After Tatum got everyone pregnant from watching Magic Mike, it’s no wonder People gave him the coveted title. But, sorry ladies…he’s taken. Channing’s wife had this to say about her husband’s [...]

Inside Celebrity Closets

6:08 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Forget huge kitchens, million-dollar views, and blue-chip furnishings. Often the best room in a celebrity’s home is the most private…the closet. For these design-world stars, the spaces created to contain their wardrobes reflect their personal style as much as the clothes (and shoes!) within—whether it’s designed with tailored masculinity, feminine allure, or over-the-top glamour.

(Pictured above) Christina Aguilera and her massive shoe collection.

Source: Elle Decor

Fashion designer, Nannete Lapore

Paris Hilton

Fashion designer, Kimora Lee Simmons

Jimmy Choo founder, Tamara Mellon

New York Yankees pitcher, C.C. Sabathia

Fashion designer, Anna Sui

Ralph Lauren

Mariah Carey

Elton John’s sunglasses closet…seriously.

Seth MacFarlane Will Host Oscars

12:59 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Family Guy creator and all-around really talented guy, Seth MacFarlane has been officially confirmed to host the Oscars on February 24th. “We are thrilled to have Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars. His performing skills blend perfectly with our ideas for making the show entertaining and fresh,” said Academy Awards producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

MacFarlane has enjoyed an incredible 2012. His directorial debut, “Ted,” earned $434 million worldwide, making it one of the highest grossing R-rated comedies ever. MacFarlane also hosted the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” and appeared on the 2012 Emmy Awards.

“It’s truly an overwhelming privilege to be asked to host the Oscars,” said MacFarlane in a statement. “My thoughts upon hearing the news were, one, I will do my utmost to live up to the high standards set forth by my predecessors; and two, I hope they don’t find out I hosted the Charlie Sheen Roast.”

And hopefully, he finds the mic this time.

Source: Huffington Post

2012′s Highest Paid Celebs

12:42 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Forbes has released its yearly list of the 21 Highest Paid Celebrities and it’s mostly the usual suspects. Which makes sense, because wealth usually leads to more wealth. But, there’s definitely a few surprises on the list. Dr. Dre must be making an absolute killing on his Beats headphones, because he made more money than most people in Hollywood last year. It’s probably safe to say he’s not concerned with finally releasing “Detox” anytime this century.

Check out the full list! (Kardashian-free!)

1. Oprah Winfrey — $160 million
2. Michael Bay — $160 million
3. Steven Spielberg — $130 million
4. Jerry Bruckheimer — $115 million
5. Dr. Dre — $110 million
6. Tyler Perry — $105 million
7. Howard Stern — $95 million
8. James Patterson — $94 million
9. George Lucas — $90 million
10. Simon Cowell — $90 million
11. Glenn Beck — $80 million
12. Elton John — $80 million
13. Tom Cruise — $75 million
14. Dick Wolf — $70 million
15. Rush Limbaugh — $69 million
16. Manny Pacquiao — $67 million
17. Dr. Phil — $64 million
18. Donald Trump — $63 million
19. Ryan Seacret — $59 million
20. Britney Spears — $58 million
21. Tiger Woods — $58 million

Hollywood Turns Japanese

3:04 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Japanese television is either from decades in the future or some whole other dimension. There’s nothing even close to it on Western airwaves. And Japanese commercials are in a total league of their own. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’re even selling. And they love to feature Hollywood actors to sell their…whatever. Celebs are paid millions of dollars to appear in these ads. Hey, for a few million, I’d happily have a conversation with a dog or head-butt a robot. See for yourself…

Quentin Tarantino sells dog-shaped cell phone speakers.

Schwarzenegger kicks ass for an energy drink.

Miranda Kerr sings about Lipton Lemon Tea.

Nicolas Cage dances with and head-butts robots for…I don’t know.

Ben Stiller and some cheerleaders love Kirin beer.

Brad Pitt and his sumo buddy for Soft Bank.

Sylvester Stallone loves this bag o’ wieners!

Lady Gaga’s Black Perfume

2:05 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Crunchy synths serve as the soundtrack to Lady Gaga’s eye-catching trailer for her “Fame” fragrance, which hits stores in September. In the Steven Klein-directed spot, Gaga wears latex — and in some cases nothing — as she commands a spaceship full of beefy guys. “Fame” will be the world’s first black perfume. In the latest issue of Vogue, Gaga opens up about working with beauty brand Coty to perfect her perfume, making sure that while it looks black in the bottle, it sprays on completely clear.

“The fragrance is called Fame. It must be black,” she said in the issue for which she graces the cover in a Marc Jacobs gown. “It must be enticing. You must want to lick and touch and feel it, but the look of it must terrify you.”


Sam Jackson Tweets the Olympics

12:04 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Despite all the action and drama of the Summer Olympics on your television, the most entertaining part of the games has been on Twitter. Samuel L. Jackson has been obsessively tweeting about the Olympics and the results have been hilarious. In between shooting Tarantino’s latest flick, Django Unchained, Sam has revealed that he’s actually pretty into gymnastics. And judo. And badminton!

Make sure you follow @SamuelLJackson and let’s all hope NBC brings him on as an official commentator 2016!

Ashton Is Steve Jobs

11:46 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

No, you’re not being Punk’d. Here’s the first look at Ashton Kutcher as the late technology titan and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.
When reports first came in that “Michael Kelso” was going to play one of the greatest minds of the last few decades…people were obviously skeptical. But I don’t know, it looks like he might be pulling it off. He’s definitely got the tenting-his-fingers-to-show-how-hard-he’s-thinking look down.

Jobs is currently filming and hits theatres in 2013.

The Best/Worst of Terry Richardson

4:10 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Despite his “To Catch a Predator”-inspired fashion sense, Terry Richardson has become one of the most sought-after and highly-paid celebrity photographers in the world. From The Situation to The President, Terry has had some of the biggest names in fashion, music and Hollywood come through his studio. His style is instantly recognizable…but is it good? Some critics think he’s a genius and others think he’s a hack. You be the judge.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

President Barack Obama

James Franco

Young Jeezy

Amber Rose + Kanye West

Either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen

Kate Upton

Steve-O + Johnny Knoxville

Lindsay Lohan

Kobe Bryant

Terry Richardson + Kate Moss

Celebrity Good Samaritans

12:20 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Not all celebrities are too busy shopping for private jets and checking themselves out in the mirror to help other people. In fact, some of them have used their fame and fortune to do some pretty great things. And others are just great people. What, you didn’t think a guy named “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” was [...]

Taylor Swift Donates $4 Million

6:06 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Taylor Swift gets made fun of a lot, but by almost all accounts she’s a perfectly nice person (assuming you didn’t used to date her). So it’s really not that shocking that she just donated $4 million dollars to fund music education. MTV says… “The six-time Grammy winner has donated $4 million to the Country [...]

Kardashians Get $40 Million

6:36 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Reality TV’s First Family, the Kardashians, have closed a big new three-year deal with E! for their signature series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The deal will ensure a 7th, 8th and 9th season of watching the Kardashians do…whatever it is they do. On a related note, here’s a picture of producer, Ryan Seacrest laughing [...]

Top Paid Model

7:29 am in Celebs by Adam James

Forbes has released a list of the world’s top paid models. This year’s winner is Brazilian superstar Gisele Bündchen (aka Mrs. Tom Brady) – earning approximately $45 million – more than twice what runner up Heidi Klum made ($20 million). Here’s the top 10 list: Gisele Bündchen, $45 million Heidi Klum, $20 million Kate Moss, [...]

Before He Was Yeezy

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

Here’s some never-before-seen footage of Yeezy and a then partner in rhyme, Phenom rocking in Chi-Town at the legendary Double Door spot. As you can see Kanye’s energy and voice is relatively the same all these years later, the video captures a teenage Ye, approximately 18 or 19, since this was recorded circa 1996. Take [...]

Russell Brand Occupies College

2:42 pm in Celebs by Adam James

In the video, Brand promotes a forthcoming American college tour, joking that he’s visiting a variety of universities to learn more about college culture in the U.S. The comedian also explains his interest in exploring sorority life — or what he calls “sex clubs for women” — at which point he slyly removes his wedding [...]

Timberlake to play Elton

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

Elton John is currently working on a biopic based on his over-the-top life, and he even knows who he’d want to play him in the flick, should it all pan out. In an interview with the L.A. Times, the singer opened up about hoping to cast pop star-turned-actor Justin Timberlake. “We have a director on [...]

Dakota All Grown-Up

11:55 am in Celebs by Adam James

We all remember Dakota Fanning from her début film ‘I Am Sam’, as she was chosen to star opposite Sean Penn in 2001. She later appeared in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Taken’ in 2002, and recently (2010) played Cherie Currie, the lead singer of ‘The Runaways’. Now at the age of 17, she is the covergirl for [...]

What Napster Thinks of Apple

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

The dynamic and brilliant Sean Parker (Napster founder, founding Facebook President, and Director at Spotify), posted a compelling piece on his Facebook page on his hero Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs: Innovator, Iconoclast, and American Hero by Sean Parker Today is an incredibly sad day for me, and indeed for anyone who considers themselves a technologist [...]

GQ’s 2k11 Men of the Year

7:30 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

GQ has released it’s yearly list of the most awesome dudes in existence and it doesn’t disappoint. Every guy on the list is a master in his field. Jay-Z put on possibly, the biggest hip-hop show ever with Watch The Throne, Louis CK made half of us laugh and the other half disgusted, Derrick Rose [...]

Diddy’s New Entourage

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

I’m sorry Pitbull, Voli isn’t the new Vodka. You’ll need a better wingman than Marc Anthony to compete with Diddy’s entourage. If you’re looking for Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, he’s in Las Vegas with a diverse entourage and a new vodka, Ciroc. After getting off his private jet, Diddy and his crew are greeted by Frank [...]

Will Works For Beer

8:48 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

In a career move that would be surprising, if it were anyone else, Will Ferrell appears in a series of new commercials for Old Milwaukee beer. His fee? $0. And not only did he work for free, HE came to Old Milwaukee and asked if he could do some commercials. AND he specifically requested that [...]

50 Cent and Pauly D?

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

The collab we thought would never happen. Earlier this year, there were rumors swirling that 50 Cent was going to sign Pauly D. Well, guess what? He did! DJ Pauly D is now an official member of Fiddy’s G-Unit team. Paul tweeted: “Big Big Things In The Works @50cent And @DJPaulyD !!!!!” he wrote. “#yeahhhhbuddy” [...]

Justin and Audi

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

Justin Timberlake presents the Audi A1 at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland in 2010. Timberlake stars with smoke show Dania Ramirez, in a viral marketing campaign for the car company aimed at a younger demographic. I don’t know how believable JT’s character is, because I’m pretty sure he’s his own boss.

Gaga for Gaga

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, just finished directing and starring in “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” which aired on ABC and brought in 5.4 Million viewers. Now she has launched “Gaga’s Holiday Workshop” at Barneys New York which sells everything Gaga. 25% of the proceeds will go to her ‘Born This Way’ foundation. She [...]

Hulk Loses Shirt In Divorce

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

Court records show a financial settlement has been agreed upon between wrestler Terry Bollea a.k.a Hulk Hogan — and his ex-wife. Linda Bollea received a little more than 70% of the couple’s liquid assets in their divorce settlement. Hulk agreed to give his ex-wife 40% ownership of his various companies and pay her an additional [...]

From ET to GUCCI

7:00 am in Celebs by Adam James

So What happened to that cute little blonde from Steven Spielburg’s Extra-Terrestrial (E.T)? Well after her break through role on E.T, she started smoking cigarettes at age nine, drinking alcohol by the time she was 11, smoking marijuana at 12, and snorting cocaine at 13. She became a regular at Studio 54 which ultimately lead [...]

Brad Pitt To Quit

8:41 am in Celebs by Adam James

At 47, Brad Pitt declares he will not be seen on the silver screen past 50. He will join the likes of Chaplin, Eastwood and Affleck by pursuing a ‘behind the camera’ role. And, if you’re thinking he has completed his family entourage, your wrong. Maybe his newest role as coach of the Athletics has [...]

Maury Wants Biebs’ DNA

12:39 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Unless you’ve spent the last two weeks living under a rock…in a cave…on Mars, you’ve heard the story of Mariah Yeater. The 20-year old California native claims that Justin Bieber is the father of her child. Yeater says that she and the Biebs got busy in a washroom at the Staples Center after one of [...]

Rihanna is Sexier Than Us

9:00 am in Celebs by Mike Gallant

Alright…that’s it. Pack it in. Rihanna showed up with her Entourage and said, “I ain’t effin’ around anymore.” J.Lo can show off her legs on American Idol and divorce Squirrel Anthony, Gaga can wear a 1997 macintosh computer and call it fashion, and Beyonce can pop out Junior to the Izzo…but Rihanna is gonna get [...]

Inside Jennifer Aniston’s $8.7 Million New Digs

10:59 am in Celebs by Oreon Mounter

Actress Jennifer Aniston has purchased an apartment in New York’s Gramercy Park. She paid $8.7 million for a 2,873 square-foot unit in 50 Gramercy Park North. All of the 23 apartments at 50 Gramercy Park North have been sold, and, according to the building’s web site, there are two apartments on the building’s ninth floor. [...]

Kim Kardashian = Poison Ivy

1:47 pm in Celebs by Oreon Mounter

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is barely recognizable in her Halloween get-up, which she will don for a Midori sponsored party at Lavo in New York City. Kardashian tweeted a first look at her scandalous costume — Poison Ivy — to her Twitter followers on Saturday. source:

Kim K. in 3D

2:45 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Somebody’s been reading my dream journal… The premiere issue of World’s Most Beautiful magazine, which claims to be “the world’s first three-dimensional magazine”, features everyone’s favourite reality star, Kim Kardashian, in full 3D glory. And at the risk of editorializing, this is the greatest use of 3D technology in history. Ever. Photographer, Nick Saglambeni told [...]

Marine Asks Mila Out On YouTube

4:53 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

In an epic balls-of-steel move, Sgt. Scott Moore, of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, posted a video on YouTube last week asking the Friends with Benefits star to accompany him to the Marine Corps. Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. And thanks to the internet, her co-star Justin Timberlake [...]

Chappelle’s New Look

6:23 am in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Wondering what Dave Chappelle’s been up to since he abruptly left his massive hit, Chappelle’s Show? Getting HUGE, apparently. Hopefully, he doesn’t go the Carrot Top route and become a horrible freak, not suitable for viewing by children. For more pics of the new, buff Chappelle, go to: XL Urban And to give yourself [...]

Ryan Dunn’s Greatest Hits

4:19 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

By now, you’ve heard the news of Jackass star, Ryan Dunn’s untimely passing. But instead of dwelling on the sad news, we at TRF prefer to remember Ryan as he would want us to: as the crazy, bearded skater kid who would readily hurt himself for our amusement and almost killed Johnny Knoxville with a [...]

The Worst Celeb Tweets

3:28 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

Twitter can be used as an incredible social networking tool, a weapon for democracy and a real-time source for the news of the world. It can also be a place for celebrities to say some pretty stupid stuff. Let this be a lesson to celebs everywhere: just because you can broadcast every thought that comes [...]

Don’t Look At Katy Perry

9:27 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

A 45-page-long rider of demands for the U.S. leg of Katy Perry’s 2011 world tour has been released. And in it, a certain member of her team is contractually-forbidden from looking at her. If you ask me, putting Katy Perry in my car and telling me not to look at her is nothing but entrapment. [...]

Ashton Is The New Charlie

9:07 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

The former “That 70s Show” star will return to primetime this fall for a “big payday” when he replaces Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men”, which is still somehow the top-rated comedy on television. And of course, Charlie is reacting in classic “warlock” fashion. Full Story at:

Arnold Postpones Comeback

8:48 pm in Celebs by Jason Baskey

It looks like The Terminator won’t “be back” as soon as we thought. Arnold’s plans to return to Hollywood in “Cry Macho” and the next installation of the Terminator franchise have been put on hold indefinitely while he deals with his baby mama drama. Maybe he should get back to work as soon as possible. [...]
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